Planned Giving

Planned Giving Great Way To Help

We appreciate everyone who supports Navajo Ministries. Without current giving we could not continue to provide hope and restoration to Navajo children and many others.

Some of our supporters, in addition to their current giving, have made commitments to planned, or deferred, giving. These are donors who would like to give more to help in our outreach to children and families but they have limited resources. They cannot afford to increase their current giving or it could jeopardize their own needs. An alternative is to give a future gift when they pass on, no longer needing their resources to sustain themselves.

Some of those planned gifts can include bequests, life insurance, and charitable remainder trusts, among others. Please consider contacting Navajo Ministries today to talk to one of our planned giving specialists to see if one of these charitable giving strategies will benefit you and Navajo Ministries. Call 505-325-0255 or 888-325-0255, or e-mail Thank you!

Our official name is Navajo Ministries, Inc. and our federal tax ID number is 85-0113191.