After-School Learning Program

Navajo Ministries, in conjunction with Farmington Municipal Schools, had operated an On-Site Elementary School since 1999 until May 2016. The majority of funding for the school was cut this year due to a depressed local economy, leading to the closure of the elementary program. However, Navajo Ministries has started an After-School Learning Program in the classroom and library area of the Education and Activity Center for kindergarten through high school students who live on grounds

This is a unique approach that is helping our at-risk students stay on track and excel in their studies. The two-hour program includes tutoring, homework time, and a variety of other activities, including Navajo Culture Class, arts and crafts, exercise, music and much more. Current and retired educators, along with high school students from Navajo Preparatory School, are helping with this innovative new program. We thank everyone involved in helping to make this a success.