Living Memorials

Families and children remain as the very heartbeat of Navajo Ministries. Most everything that we do revolves around rescuing a child’s life from a possible neglectful or abusive situation.

We have built new homes for the children. Just like clockwork, the needs of Navajo children continue to escalate. Our Living Memorials program is designed to bring hope to more Navajo children.

Would you prayerfully consider a Living Memorial? Navajo boys and girls need your help right now through Living Memorials.

Maybe it has been quite a while since you gave a Living Memorial in memory of your loved one. Today would be a great day to once again give a gift that keeps on giving.

Our houseparents appreciate the friends of Navajo Ministries who have given Living Memorials IN MEMORY OF or IN HONOR OF loved ones.

Your Living Memorials gift can make a distinct difference. Through Living Memorials, your loved one is not only memorialized, but their witness can continue through the gift provided to Navajo children.

A special card of remembrance will be sent to your departed loved one’s family (or you can “HONOR” a deserving, living person, too!) No amounts will be mentioned.

Here is a current list of others who have given to deserving Navajo boys and girls. Please click HERE to honor your loved one.


2020 Living Memorials

January 2020 Memorials  
From: In Memory of
Walter and Kathleen Katzer Gary Cherney
From: In Honor of:
Linda J. Schneider Murphy Alfred and June Campbell
February 2020 Memorials      
From: In Memory of: From: In Honor of:
Karen Knapp Frances Kautsky Barton and Madge Campbell Jim and Kay Baker
Robert and Sharon Adams Orpha Abrahamson    
Betty Wigham Frances Morgan    
The Pat Keyes Family Ella Ruth Williams    
Ollive Iles Bart Iles    
Rush and Angela Schwarz Bart Iles    
Mack and Bonnie Heald Ella Ruth Williams    
Jennie Platero Donald Tsosie    
March 2020 Memorials      
From: In Memory of:    
Alfred S. Campbell
Anna Campbell    
Alfred S. Campbell Tom Meister    
Walter and Kathleen Katzer Julia L. Moyen    
April 2020 Memorials      
In Memory of: From: In Honor of:
Alfred Campbell
Anna Campbell Sherry Raby Annette Reich
Alfred Campbell Tom Meister Jennie Platero Donald Tsosie
Betty Whigham Virginia Whigham Collin and Sherida Stewart Our four grandchildren
Danielle Foullon Richard Cullen Shahara Proulx Tracy Fastina Haynes
Jann Gouge Ann B. Gouge    
Jann Gouge Elma R. Beeson    
Royce Fort Leslie Fort Covington    
May 2020 Memorials      
From: In Memory of: From: In Honor of:
Teresa Sullivan James Scott Sullivan Grace Slate Kathryn Kate Slate
Darlene Perlenfein Mary A. McConnell David Sampsell Grandparents: Fred and Beth Faulk
Watson Benally Katherine Benally Sarah Read Carl and Barby Brenner
Alfred and June Campbell Thomas Meister Collin and Sherida Stewart Our four grandchildren
Alfred and June Campbell Anna Campbell Jared Schwyhart Charlotte Jordan
Bunny and Arla Ackerly James and Gladys Godwin    
Kemp B. Hobbs Jr. Frances Hobbs    
Rebecca R. Carter Marilyn E. Carter    
Kevin Bair Mary Chase    
Charlene A. Selvage Dan L. Selvage    
Kelley Stillwell Brother Art Talent    
May 2020 Memorials      
From: In Memory of: From: In Honor of:
Colleen Ann Wright Angela Morgan Greg and Grace Slate Kathryn Kate Slate
Mike Janotka Owen O’Neil John and Ethelyn Millar Jim and Kay Baker
Judy Ann Knepp Warren H. Knepp John and Ethelyn Millar Bob and Leslie Fitz
Walter and Kathleen Katzer Nanette Winn Larry and Sherry Raby Annette Reich
Walter and Kathleen Katzer Clint Fredricks Denny and Dolly Bowerman Ben and Eunice Stoner 50th Anniversary
Walter and Kathleen Katzer Phillipe Steele’s Dad Lynn Hunt Katie Fraker
Stephanie Welter Rich Mullins Rebecca Hunt Katie Fraker
John and Carol Robbins Gerald Ortman Alfred and June Campbell 5 Grandchildren