Who’s Leading?

Slow, slow … quick, quick … slow, slow … quick, quick … now side step and turn. For the last two months of Mondays my fiancé, Jered and I have been taking western dance lessons at the college. The two-step, waltz and swing were some of the dances that were being taught. We both have Read More

Ever Lost Your Joy?

Jack Drake once told me “the Joy of the Lord is our strength”. Nehemiah 8:10 As you probably have experienced, it takes valley experiences to sift away all unimportant distractions and bring our focus back to Jesus and the fruits of the Spirit. “But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, Read More

Celebrate Life

“Nizhónígo Nináánááhai Dooleeł!” (Happy New Year!) October (Ghąąjį́’) is the beginning of the Navajo New Year. The Fall (Aak’ei) Season is a time of harvest, preparing for the coming winter, and a time of reflection. It is a time for us to appreciate the richness around us as we anticipate the hardships that winter will Read More

I’m Responsible

There is always something we can learn. When we are through learning and growing – we’re through! This month I learned a little bit about responsibility. I had jury duty for the first time. It was an experience on several different levels, but it was certainly a learning experience. Jury duty in the United States Read More

A Trip of a Lifetime

While I wrote my farewell article in mid-August, I thought I’d share the first Communication Lines I wrote here at Navajo Ministries from Sept. 24, 2008. Enjoy the trip back in time … Eric. It was a quiet moment on a pleasant late-summer afternoon. This was no run-of-the-mill location, though. I was standing on the Read More

It’s A Smorgasbord

Have you ever been to a smorgasbord?! I have! It’s a lot like a buffet – but it sounds way cooler. I believe a true smorgasbord has more variety and the food is more “elegant.”  Anyway, every year after our FFA fundraiser, the top sellers would go to Welliver’s – it was a smorgasbord. I Read More

God’s Story

I had a dream, a dream like I have never had before or since. I saw brown, smiling, joyous faces and then a flash to a group of people crowded around a map of the Four Corners area of the United States. Upon awakening, I felt that this was something important and was just a Read More