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March 2019 Prayer Requests

  1. Happy birthday to Jim Baker, who works alongside of his wife, Kay, in Partnership Ministries.Pray for Jim to have a healthy, rewarding year as he works part-time at the Ministry.
  2. Pray for Rolanda Jeffrey who recently resigned her position of Food Service Manager at Navajo Ministries.   Pray for God’s leading in her life and family as she and her husband Randall seek God’s direction for their future.
  3. Happy birthday to 8 year old “J” who lives in the House of Love.  “J” looks forward to celebrating her special day with the other girls in her home and her houseparents.
  4. We are saddened to say goodbye to Darien and Senovia Johnson, who have been serving as houseparents in the House of Love.  We are grateful for the care Darien and Senovia have provided for the girls over the past year, and pray for God’s blessings in their lives as they continue to serve Him.
  5. Pray for Raymond Dunton, President, as he leads our staff and works with his leadership team, providing wisdom and direction for future ministry.
  6. We have often seen the life of equipment at Navajo Ministries last much longer than expected.  We see this as God’s provision and ask that you pray for continued longevity for the everyday equipment, appliances, machinery, etc. that we count on using each day.
  7. Pray for Roger and Carol Kittle, who are our resident volunteers and also serve as pastors at Fruitland Baptist Church.  Kittles will host our Thursday night Prayer Connection group tonight and lead us in Bible study and prayer.
  8. Pray for Annette Hall Reich, Vice President of Administration, as she works with the president in scheduling meetings, implementing changes, providing direction to the staff, and leadership to our childcare team.
  9. Happy 15th birthday to Taylor, one of the teenagers in our care.  As he experiences great success scholastically, pray for him to also deepen his love and commitment to Christ.
  10. Happy birthday to one of our Assistant Housemothers, Becca McCabe.  Pray for Becca as she cares for her own family and provides love and nurturing to the children in our care.
  11. Pray for our maintenance team, Rick and Andy, as they care for the day to day repairs of keeping our campus running smoothly.  Pray for their physical protection, strength and healing when needed.
  12. Pray for the boys as they continue their school year.   Fifteen-month-old “T” has recently been placed in a long-term foster care home.  He has been with us since he was a few weeks old.  All the boys miss him.
  13. Thank you for your prayers for Ms. Nina as she is recovering from a fall and broken arm.  Since last month, she has experienced progressive healing and is again working with the children in the After-school Program.
  14. Pray for the Navajo Ministries Board of Directors as they meet today to discuss current needs, as well as opportunities and challenges for the future.  Pray for their hearts to be open and receptive to God’s wisdom as they provide direction and leadership.
  15. Pray for Ms. Nina and Ms. Nelene as they work in the homes with all the children in our care.  Pray for them not to grow weary in well doing as they provide structure in the homes, transportation needs, homework assistance, etc.
  16. Pray for the staff of KNMI Vertical Radio as they continue to provide “safe listening” to our community.  Praise God for the spirit of unity that resides among all the DJs, sports broadcasters, and office staff.
  17. Pray for Joe and Gerri Begay, pastors at Grace Fellowship Community Church in Chinle, Arizona.  Pray for the physical strength and healing for Joe and Gerri as they continue meeting with hurting individuals and families.  Pray for committed Christians to come along side to share in their ministry and be trained to carry on Begays’ ministry in the months and years ahead.
  18. Spring break begins today for our children.  Pray for them to have a good week and enjoy having extra free time to share in some fun activities together.
  19. Pray for ranch manager Paula Terpsma as she spends some extra time with the children this week at the ranch.  Pray for safety as they work and play with the animals, and receive riding lessons from Paula.
  20. Happy birthday to Vice President of Operations Bob Fitz, who has served faithfully for over 37 years at Navajo Ministries.  In addition to the various roles he has served in over the years, Bob is also known for the encouragement he provides to all our staff and children.
  21. Pray for our area pastors and ministry leaders who are meeting this morning to pray together for the needs of our churches and community.  Praise God for the unity that has kept these leaders praying together for over twenty years.  Pray for each family to know the grace, protection and provision of the Lord in their personal lives and in their ministry.
  22. Pray for our entire childcare team as they provide nurturing, direction, counseling and mentoring to each of the children in our care.  We are grateful for our staff and the unity they display as they work together.
  23. Pray for new staff members needed to serve in the House of Love and in other staff vacancies at this time.  Pray for God to raise up just the right people who are equipped and willing to share in these needed areas of ministry.
  24. Pray for the pastors who will be sharing God’s Word today across the Navajo Nation.  Pray for them to receive fellowship and encouragement from others in the ministry so they won’t become isolated and lonely.  Pray for protection of their families.
  25. Pray for our children as they return to school following their spring break.  Pray for them to stay focused over the next nine weeks and work toward the completion of another successful school year.
  26. Pray for our office staff which includes Kelly, Vickie, Shayne, Hannah and Jeanette.  Pray for God’s blessing on each of these ladies as they work together, using their talents to maintain a well-organized office.
  27. Happy birthday today to 8 year old “B” who lives in our House of Love.  As plans move forward to “B” returning to family, pray for her to adjust well and receive teaching that allows her to grow in her love for Jesus.
  28. Pray for new children coming into our care to receive love, nurturing and emotional help that allows them to work through the trauma of being separated from their natural family.
  29. Pray for the staff of Navajo Ministries to live boldly for Christ, following His teachings, values and commandments that allow the Ministry (and our individual lives) to bring glory to God.
  30. Pray for our teenagers who struggle daily with the pressures of the world.  Pray for each one to grow in their commitment to Christ and receive strength and healing from Him to face the pressures of each day.
  31.  Pray for the natural parents of each of the children who live at Four Corners Home for Children.  Pray for individual goals to be met, life changes to be made, and a renewed love and commitment to the care of their children.

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Ministry Highlights and Prayer Focus


Our children enjoy any opportunity to spend time together.  The After-School Learning Program provides both learning opportunities and recreational time for all the school-age children.  Ms. Nina Benally enjoys sharing her love for her Navajo culture with our children.  Whether they are learning to count in the Navajo language, learn the names of the colors or learn other vocabulary, the children take pride in learning more about their heritage.

The children were also able to enjoy a fun party for Valentine’s Day last month.  They had a contest to see who could decorate the prettiest box for valentine cards and enjoyed sharing valentines with one another. The party included staff members who also joined the children for a pizza supper.  We appreciate one of our long-time donors who supplied funds for this wonderful activity together.  Thank you to all our friends and donors who also help to support our After-School Learning Program.

Kay L. Baker

Partnership Ministry


After-School Learning Program

  • Pray for Ms. Nina as she prepares lessons for our children.
  • Pray for our children to develop a deep understanding and interest in their Native language and art.
  • Thank God for those who faithfully pray for and financially support our After-School Learning Program.


After-School Learning Program

Four Corners Home for Children

KNMI Vertical Radio

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