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September 2019 Prayer Requests

  1. Today we celebrate Jeanette Fercik, who has dedicated the past five years to service at KNMI Vertical Radio and most recently, stepped in as our Accounts Payable Clerk for Navajo Ministries.  Please pray for her as she raises her family, attends college classes and serves our staff and donors.
  2. We welcome Jo Morrisey as our new Executive Assistant, taking care of employees’ and children’s files and assisting the leadership staff.  She is a great addition to our team.  Pray for God’s wisdom as she learns the ministries of Navajo Ministries.
  3. Pray for the many teachers who are involved in the lives of our children this school year.  Join us in praying for them to be excellent role models for our children and communicate clearly the information the children need to learn.
  4. Pray for the childcare workers we still need to complete our childcare team.  Pray for God’s hand-picked workers to respond to the call He has placed on their lives.
  5. Pray for Leah Stovall, Vertical Radio Manager, as she leads the staff of KNMI and selects the music and programming that will encourage the listeners of the station.
  6. Praise God for the successful 26th Annual Bi-Fly Tournament, under the direction of Vice President Bob Fitz.  This recent fundraiser netted over $70,000 for the Four Corners Home for Children.  We are grateful for Bob’s vision and hard work that makes this event so successful each year.
  7. Pray for President Jonathan Nez and Vice President Myron Lizer who lead the Navajo Nation. We were blessed by a recent visit from Vice President Lizer to Navajo Ministries, where he toured our campus and visited Vertical Radio, where he was interviewed by Jim Baker during the Four Corners Spotlight program.
  8. Pray for each child who currently calls Four Corners Home for Children their home.  Pray for them to experience peace and contentment during this season in their lives when they are unable to be with their families.  Pray for healing and protection of their bodies, minds and souls.
  9. Pray for Paula Terpsma as she works daily with our children through the Ranch Program.  Pray for the children to experience joy as they work with the animals and care for their needs.
  10. Pray for our Leadership team as they meet every week to pray for and discuss the various needs and challenges of the Ministry.  Pray for Godly wisdom and direction as decisions are discussed and made.
  11. Pray for each marriage represented by Navajo Ministries’ staff to remain strong and be positive examples of Godly love to our community.
  12. Pray for our Prayer Connection group that meets tonight to pray for the needs of the Ministry, our Board, staff, children and donors
  13. Pray for all the appliances, equipment, etc. used in our homes and offices to work well and exceed normal longevity so we don’t have unnecessary costs to replace items of service.
  14. Pray for Roger and Carol Kittle as they host a special ladies’ breakfast for our staff and the ladies of Fruitland Baptist Church.  Annette Reich, our interim president, will be our speaker.  Pray for Annette as she shares words of love and encouragement.
  15. Pray for our maintenance team, Rick Terpsma and Andy Kellywood, as they meet the needs of our campus, homes and offices.  Their expertise and servant hearts bring joy to everyone they help.
  16. Pray for Nina Benally who continues to serve as our After-School Coordinator and in our homes with the children.  Nina celebrates 15 years of ministry with Four Corners Home for Children.
  17. Pray for Jim and Kay Baker as they partner with individuals, churches, businesses, etc. to expand Navajo Ministries’ outreach to surrounding communities and the Navajo Nation.
  18. Pray for Hannah Begay, our Graphic Designer, who creates our Navajo Neighbors and other printed materials used to promote Navajo Ministries.
  19. Today is Pastors’ Prayer time at Navajo Ministries.  Praise God for the unity expressed by these Christian leaders as they fellowship and pray together.
  20. Happy birthday to our Interim President, Annette Reich, as she leads the ministry with Godly wisdom and integrity.  We praise God for her leadership talents and commitment to Navajo Ministries.
  21. Pray for the House of Love, supervised by Nelene Segale, which is home for the boys and girls currently staying at Four Corners Home for Children.  Pray for the children who are waiting to come into the House of Faith as soon as it can be re-opened with new staff.
  22. Pray for the pastors across the Navajo Nation who are sharing God’s Word today in over 300 churches.  Pray for spiritual hunger and revival among the Navajo people.
  23. Happy birthday to Office Manager Kelly Karlin, who does a wonderful job of supervising our office staff.  Pray for Kelly to have good health and strength to accomplish the many responsibilities she has in the office.
  24. Pray for Vickie Franklin (Accounts Receivable) and Jeanette Fercik (Accounts Payable) as they maintain files and care for the correspondence generated through the office.
  25. Pray for the former children, now adults, who spent some of their childhood at Four Corners Home for Children.  Pray for them to continue to grow in the Lord and make Christ the head of the families they are now raising.
  26. Pray for Melissa Tarazon who faithfully counsels with our children and provides direction and tools for the children as they maneuver through life’s challenges.
  27. Pray for the many needs of our friends and donors who send us prayer requests for their personal and family needs.  Our staff meets daily Monday through Friday to pray for these various requests.  We pray for God’s healing, direction and wisdom.
  28. Pray for Joe and Gerri Begay as they lead Grace Fellowship Church in Chinle, Arizona.  Pray for Joe and Gerri as they attend some camp meetings and speak in various churches across the Navajo Nation.
  29. Pray for the churches represented in Farmington and surrounding communities as they meet today to deepen their commitment and walk with the Lord.  Pray for revival across our communities.
  30. Pray for the natural parents of our children to commit their lives to Christ and become the men and women of faith God has created them to be.

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Ministry Highlights and Prayer Focus


Navajo Ministries takes on many characteristics through those who serve each day – integrity, compassion, commitment, and so much more.  Throughout the year, and especially at Bi-Fly Tournament time, teamwork becomes another quality that is so evident at Navajo Ministries.  Under the leadership of Vice President Bob Fitz, we watched guides and anglers meet early in the morning on August 23 and 24 at the San Juan River to begin raising funds for Four Corners Home for Children.

This annual fundraiser takes the work of our whole staff as guides and anglers are signed up, registration packets are sent out, lunches are provided, prizes are gathered, food is ordered . . . the to-do list is endless.  Then there is the set up for the final banquet where tables and chairs are set up, presentations are made, supper is provided and “fish tales” are shared.  Throughout this whole process, our staff worked together to provide an organized and enjoyable environment for all the participants.  It was a joy to see everyone perform their tasks with the joy of the Lord and share in the successful results of $70,000 being raised for the children’s home.  Praise God for His wonderful provision.  Thank you for your prayers for this event.

Kay L. Baker



  • Pray for the new staff members who are needed to enable us to open the House of Faith
  • Pray for Nelene Segale who is supervising the House of Love where our children currently reside
  • Pray for Nina Benally, our After-School Coordinator who has had some recent health problems
  • Praise God for His love and faithful provision for our children and staff


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