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January 2020 Prayer Requests

  1. Happy New Year and Happy Birthday to Rick Terpsma, former housedad and long-time maintenance man.  Rick and his wife have served at Navajo Ministries for over 32 years.
  2. We congratulate Annette Reich (Interim President since June 2019), who was recently elected President of Navajo Ministries by our Board of Directors. Annette has a 20-year history with Navajo Ministries, and we are excited to serve under her leadership.  Please pray for Annette to have God’s wisdom and direction as she leads.
  3. Pray for the marriages represented by Navajo Ministries to remain strong and Christ-centered.  Pray for marriages to be a reflection of Jesus Christ and His love for His Church.
  4. Praise God for the many families reached with the love of Christ during our Christmas Connection visits.  We are receiving reports of many families being blessed by the food and gifts they received.
  5. We are excited about God’s answer to our prayers for new houseparents.  Steven and Aseneth Murphy will be moving from California this month to serve in the House of Faith. Pray for them as they prepare to move and start their new journey at Four Corners Home for Children.
  6. Pray for Hannah Begay as she comes back to work after spending Christmas with her family in Ohio.  Hannah does a great job as our Graphic Designer creating brochures, newsletters, and other promotional items for the Ministry.
  7. Pray for Vice President Bob Fitz as he oversees the ongoing maintenance program and works closely with staff and the Board of Directors.
  8. Pray for our children as they return to school after a long Christmas break.  It is sometimes difficult for some of our children to start classes again.
  9. Pray for Kelly Karlin who serves as our office manager.  Pray for Kelly to experience good health and strength from the Lord as she serves faithfully with our office staff.
  10. Pray for Executive Assistant Jo Morrissey as she serves in various areas of the Ministry, giving assistance to those in leadership.
  11. Pray for Paula Terpsma as she works with the children, teaching them to care for our various ranch animals.  Some of the animals had spotlight roles in our Live Nativity last month.  We are grateful for the responsibility the children learn as they work on the ranch.
  12. Pray for Leah Stovall, Manager of Vertical Radio.  Leah has worked with us since 2012 and has a gift for keeping our music on KNMI fresh and new.  Pray for her team as they work together to provide encouragement and positive programming.
  13. Pray for Andy and Rick as they work together in maintenance.  Pray for their safety and good health as they spend some of their time outdoors this winter.
  14. Pray for our counselor, Melissa Tarazon, as she works with our children.  Pray for her to have Godly wisdom and knowledge as she helps the children in making decisions for their daily life.
  15. Pray for Jim and Kay Baker as they serve together in Partnership Ministries.  Pray for them as they update donors about the Ministry and encourage new friends to become supporters of the work being done at Navajo Ministries.
  16. Today is Pastors’ Prayer – a time for local pastors to meet together for prayer and fellowship.  Pray for those who attend to be encouraged by one another and develop a strong network of Christian leadership for our community.
  17. Pray for our Board of Directors as they meet today.  Pray for God to use them to provide strong leadership for our staff and leadership.  Pray for God to bless their families and the businesses they represent.
  18. Pray for Roger and Carol Kittle, our resident volunteers, as they provide support to both children and staff.  They also pastor at Fruitland Baptist Church.  Pray for their church family to grow both spiritually and in new attendance.
  19. Pray for the pastors of the Four Corners region to be filled with God’s Spirit as they lead their people and provide challenging messages today.  Pray for 2020 to be a year of spiritual growth in our churches.
  20. Pray for the children in the House of Faith as they adjust to new houseparents, Steven and Aseneth Murphy.  Pray for the children to experience peace, security and unity as they grow together under Steven and Aseneth’s care.
  21. Pray for Nina Benally who teaches the children so faithfully in our After-School Program.  Besides learning language, they are working on weaving projects.  It’s great to see the children taking an interest in learning more about their culture.
  22. Pray for Vickie and Jeanette as they work in the office, paying bills, receipting letters and keeping accurate records on a daily basis.  We are grateful for this busy team that keeps our office running smoothly.
  23. Pray for those who lived at Four Corners Home for Children as children in the past and are now adults and raising families of their own.  Pray for them to continue to grow in their relationship with Jesus and keep Christ as the center of their home.
  24. Pray for the many homeless who are living on the streets in our area.  Pray for them to come into relationship with Jesus, enabling them to make the changes needed to be healthy and whole.  Pray for the various ministries in our area who reach out to the homeless and lost.
  25. Pray for the leadership of the Navajo Nation:  President Jonathan Nez and Vice President Myron Lizer.  Pray for their commitment to Christ to remain strong and to be reflected in the way they serve the Navajo people.
  26. Pray for Joe and Gerri Begay as they minister at Grace Community Church today.  Pray for their fellowship to grow spiritually and be a vital outreach to their community.  Pray for Joe and Gerri to have good health and discernment as they make decisions concerning the opportunities God provides for them to share His love across the Navajo Nation.
  27. Pray for the natural parents of our current children.  Pray for them to make decisions that will be beneficial for their children and allow them to have a positive relationship with their children.
  28. Pray for our Leadership Team as they meet regularly to discuss the various areas of ministry provided at Navajo Ministries.  Pray for God’s direction to be clear as decisions are made concerning new opportunities for service for our staff.
  29. Pray for Judy Anglin, our assistant housemother, who cares for the children during the houseparents’ time off.  Judy enjoys a great relationship with the children and likes sharing what God has done in her life.
  30. Praise God for the many friends and donors who supported us through their prayers, support and gifts throughout the past year.  Pray for new friends to be raised up to help meet the needs of Navajo Ministries in this new year of 2020.
  31. Pray for the additional couple needed to serve as houseparents in our second home.  We are so grateful for the Murphys who have answered God’s call to serve and look forward to God bringing us another couple in the near future.  God is faithful.  God is good.

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Ministry Highlights and Prayer Focus


As we begin a new decade and new year of 2020, we look forward with anticipation to a fresh new beginning at Navajo Ministries. As we look to the exciting future God has planned for this ministry, I am delighted and excited to announce that we have a new President to lead our dedicated staff as we work together to present Christ to our Navajo neighbors through the Four Corners Home for Children, Vertical Radio and Navajo Nation Outreach.

As the year ended, our Board of Directors made the prayerful decision to select Annette Reich as our fifth President of this 66-year-old ministry. Annette has served as Interim President for the past six months and has been such a blessing to all of us during this time. Annette is not new to this ministry. She has served as a houseparent, Director of Children’s Services and Co-host of the Morning Show on Vertical Radio in years past.

We know that God has great plans for this ministry in the future and are confident that Annette will continue the vision of our founder Jack Drake who I was able to follow as President from 1987 to 2015. Of course we will be so grateful for your prayers for Annette and her husband, Chuck, who have taken up residence here on the Ministry campus.

Jim Baker

President Emeritus



  • Pray for Annette Reich, our newly elected President, as she leads our staff and children.
  • Pray for our new houseparents, Steven and Aseneth Murphy as they begin caring for our resident children.
  • Pray for God to bring a second couple to serve as houseparents.
  • Praise God for all those who love, pray for, and financially support our childcare ministry.


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