August 2020 Prayer Requests

  1. A new month has started at the House of Faith.  Please pray for our children as they anticipate the return to school.  Pray for houseparents, Steven and Sarah Murphy, as they prepare the children for a change from their summer schedules and a return to studying and learning.
  2. Pray for the pastors across our nation as they share God’s Word today.  These remain challenging days as churches meet with limited attendance or meet through on-line services.  Pray for revival to spread across our nation.
  3. Praise God for Hannah Begay’s complete recovery from her tonsillectomy surgery.  We are glad to have her back in the office again and feeling renewed strength and health.
  4. Pray for Vice President Bob Fitz and Lisa Chavez as they put together the final details of our annual Bi-Fly Tournament scheduled for August 21 and 22.  Pray for those signed up to participate as they obtain needed pledges for their largest fish so we can raise the funds needed for Four Corners Home for Children.
  5. Pray for each marriage represented by our Ministry staff and board to remain strong and healthy.  Pray that they will represent the love of Christ for His Church as they journey through life.
  6. Pray for the Ministry leadership as they interview a candidate for the position of Development Coordinator.  Pray for God’s will to be known to each person who helps in making this decision.  We want God’s perfect person for this position.
  7. Pray for Paula Terpsma as she works with our children and cares for the many aspects of the Ranch Program.  Pray for the health of our animals and for the children to learn responsibility in caring for them.
  8. Pray for each child currently calling Four Corners Home for Children “home.”  Pray for each child to experience love and security from the staff and gain an understanding of God’s perfect love for them personally.  Praise God for the sponsors of these children who help to provide for their physical and material needs.
  9. Pray for our country to experience Godly leadership and return to the values and principles our country was founded on many years ago.  Pray for peace in the midst of today’s chaos and for safety for our citizens.
  10. We are anticipating the return of Hope Humbles this week.  Hope was a former employee and is returning from North Carolina to staff our emergency placement home, enabling us to take in new children in the House of Hope.  We praise God for her return and for the children He is already bringing into our care.
  11. Pray for the natural parents of the children in our care.  Some of them deal with addictions and hopelessness.  Pray for them to receive the care and direction they need in their lives to aid them in becoming responsible parents.
  12. Pray for Vickie and Jeanette as they work in our office, keeping up with the receipting and payables.  They also work with end-of-the month reports and data base maintenance that keeps the Ministry running efficiently.
  13. Today, Lord willing, is the official opening of the school year of 2020-2021.  We are also pleased to announce our on-site school is reopened and will be educating our elementary and middle school students.  This is a huge answer to prayer, and we are excited to see our students excel in this classroom setting.
  14. Pray for Navajo Ministries’ Board of Directors as they meet today to discuss the challenges before us. We thank God for these men and women who have a heart for this Ministry and serve so faithfully.
  15. We celebrate Rick and Paula Terpsma who arrived on this day in 1987 and continue to serve Christ with their whole hearts.  They have served in many capacities over the years and have been a blessing to both staff and children.  Paula also celebrated a birthday yesterday.  Happy birthday, Paula.
  16. Pray for pastors across the Navajo Nation as they share God’s Word today and challenge their people to live for Christ in their daily walk.  Pray for those who are discouraged to receive renewed hope as they look to Christ for His peace and direction.
  17. Pray for Office Manager Kelly Karlin as she works on all the last-minute details for all the participants of the upcoming Bi-Fly Tournament.  Kelly is responsible for all the paperwork, keeping track of registering participants, tracking their pledges, etc.   She records all the last-minute changes, helping all the participants to be ready for the event.
  18. Pray for Rick Terpsma and Andy Kellywood as they work on all the maintenance details for the campus.  Pray for them to remain physically healthy and strong and able to keep up with the demands of the work.
  19. Pray for Vertical Radio and the encouragement the station provides through the music they play.  Pray for the right timing for staff to return to the station and provide live on-air broadcasting.  Praise God for Devin Neeley as he cares for all the details that keep KNMI functioning.
  20. Pray for Tim Anglin as he cooks for our Ministry families and keeps our pantry, refrigerator and freezer stocked for our families to use.  We thank God daily for His provision and those who contribute resources through finances and donations of food.
  21. Pray for our Bi-Fly Tournament that kicks off today with over 30 anglers participating.  Pray for their safety as they fish in the San Juan River, raising funds for our children’s home.
  22. Pray for our staff who are supporting the closing events of the Bi-Fly, helping with the serving of food, raffle events and closing awards.  We thank God for each person who has made this event possible.
  23. Happy birthday to Joe Begay, pastor at Grace Community in Chinle, Arizona.  Pray for Joe and Gerri as they faithfully serve their congregation and minister to the needs of their people across the Navajo Nation.
  24. Pray for our many donors who have personal health problems, deal with heartache over unsaved loved ones, and experience financial or other struggles during these difficult days.  May they experience God’s love and faithfulness each day as they see His provision.
  25. Pray for Nina Benally as she begins the after-school program for our students, teaching them about their culture and heritage.  Our new children are eager to learn weaving this year, as well as some of the Navajo language.
  26. Pray for the needed staff for the House of Love.  With the hiring of a set of houseparents, we will be able to take in new children for long-term care. Pray for God’s direction and calling to be placed in the heart of those He wants to have come and serve in this capacity.
  27. Pray for President Annette Reich as she looks back to 1999 and reflects on God’s original call in her life to serve at Navajo Ministries.  God has allowed her to serve in several capacities and most recently placed her in this leadership position to lead our staff into many more productive years to serve the Navajo people.
  28. Pray for President Jonathan Nez and Vice-President Myron Lizer as they lead the Navajo Nation.  These are challenging days as they continue to lead their people through the Covid-19 virus, setting curfews for the Navajo Nation, assisting in financial needs of their people and keeping medical facilities staffed and stocked with needed supplies.
  29. Pray for the many challenges our teenagers face each day.  Pray for them to draw strength through their relationship with Jesus and to have a desire to make decisions that would please Him.  Pray for courage to make unpopular decisions for the betterment of their future.
  30. Pray for Roger and Carol Kittle as they pastor Fruitland Baptist Church.  Pray for their small congregation to grasp how vast Christ’s love is for them and grow in the teaching they receive each week.  Pray for Roger and Carol to be encouraged as they see their people respond to God’s love in their lives.
  31. Praise God for His wonderful provision throughout this past month.  We indeed serve a mighty God and His love for us is never-ending.  Great is His faithfulness.

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Ministry Highlights and Prayer Focus

Education and Activity Center

As always, August finds our children returning to the classroom to continue their education.  This year will be different in various ways.  Students have had a much longer “summer break” than usual.  Schools closed in March, due to COVID-19, so they have been home for some time.  They are eager to get back into the classrooms and enjoy social interaction with their friends.

The Farmington School District is delaying the start of face-to-face, in-person learning until after Labor Day.  They are offering online instruction so students can begin school on time (mid-August).  It could feel somewhat unsettling, but God has worked all things together for good – our Education & Activity Center is available for our students to begin the school year and we are blessed to announce that our school on the campus of Four Corners Home for Children will reopen for this school year!  Our high-school students can begin the year in our classroom and then transition to Farmington High when they open their classrooms.  Our middle school and elementary students will be in our campus classroom, participating in the online learning option for the entire year.  We believe this is a blessing to us and to our children, to be able to utilize our beautiful facility and learn in an environment that is best suited to them.  Praise God that during uncertain times, unrest and confusion, He reigns supreme over and through it all.

Annette Reich, President

Prayer Focus For August

Four Corners Home for Children
  • Pray for each child as they prepare to start school again this month.
  • Pray for our school administration and teachers as they prepare to teach during ever-changing classroom settings and schedules.
  • Pray for our houseparents and childcare staff as they help our children face uncertain times.
  • Pray for our children to have victory over their fears and uncertainties through Jesus.


After-School Learning Program

Four Corners Home for Children

KNMI Vertical Radio

Navajo Nation Outreach