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May 2019 Prayer Requests

  1. Pray for President Raymond Dunton, as he leads our staff into a new month of ministry.  Pray for his wife, Tuggy, to have safety in travel as she commutes for her work to Colorado each day.
  2. Pray for Annette Hall Reich, Vice President of Administration, as she supervises our childcare team and assists Raymond in the many details of organizing the Ministry and staff.
  3. Pray for all our staff to be a light in this dark world and bring hope to those we minister to each day.
  4. Pray for Rick and Andy, our maintenance team, who are busy with home repairs and spring cleanup.  Pray for them to be refreshed from weariness and the constant pressures of serving others.
  5. Pray for the pastors of Farmington, Bloomfield, Aztec, Fruitland and Kirtland as they preach and teach others how to apply God’s word to even the most confusing situations.
  6. Happy 36th Anniversary to Rick and Paula Terpsma as they celebrate God’s faithfulness in their marriage.  Pray for Paula as she serves as our campus nurse and ranch manager, while Rick works in maintenance.
  7. Pray for the natural parents of the children in our care to find strength, courage and confidence to be who God created them to be.
  8. Pray for Jim and Kay Baker as they continue to communicate with Ministry friends across the nation.
  9. Pray for Navajo Ministries’ Board of Directors as they meet today to discuss the vision, challenges and needs of the Ministry.  Pray for them to have renewed passion and strength as they work together.
  10. Pray for Vice President of Operations Bob Fitz as he manages the campus, schedules inspections and repairs to keep the Ministry functioning in excellence.
  11. Happy Birthday to Brittney, who becomes a teenager today.  Brittney is a beautiful young lady who has spent the past 4 years with us.
  12. Pray for the many pastors across the Navajo Nation.  Pray for many people to come into relationship with Jesus and be freed from hopelessness and brokenness.
  13. Pray for various children who returned to their families in recent months.  Pray for them to be adjusting well to being home and for God’s continued protection over their lives.
  14. Pray for Ms. Nina as she leads our After-School Learning Program.  Pray for each child to develop an interest in, and an understanding of, their beautiful culture.
  15. Ask God to stir the hearts of those He would have come and serve in our childcare program.  We need Godly leaders to serve as houseparents.
  16. Today is pastors’ prayer time, as they meet to pray together, standing in the gap, petitioning on behalf of others.   Pray for each spiritual leader and ministry leader to be an example of service, justice and great love.
  17. Happy Birthday to Jeannette Fercik who serves as Vertical Radio’s Administrative Assistant.  Jeannette takes care of tracking daily log sheets and monthly billing, as well as going to college and caring for her family.
  18. Pray for KNMI Vertical Radio as it spreads the hope and love of Jesus through music, sports and programming.  Pray for the station’s financial needs to be met and for listeners to be encouraged daily in their walk with Jesus.
  19. Today Joe and Gerri Begay will be bringing God’s Word to their congregation at Grace Community Church in Chinle, Arizona.  Pray for God’s blessing on Joe and Gerri’s lives for their faithful commitment to their people across the Navajo Nation.
  20. Pray for Becca McCabe as she serves as housemother to our children in the House of Love.  Pray for her to begin each day refreshed with strength and wisdom as she cares for each child.
  21. Pray for Nelene Segale as she assists Becca McCabe in the House of Love on Becca’s days off.  Pray for Nelene’s health as she sometimes suffers from allergies this time of year and desires God’s renewed strength each day.
  22. Pray for Graphic Designer Hannah Begay as she designs the Navajo Neighbors and other publications for the Ministry, as well as documenting campus activities through photography.
  23. Happy birthday to Nina Benally, our teacher for the After-School Learning Program. We are grateful for Nina’s gentle and quiet spirit that is a wonderful example to the children she leads.
  24. Pray for Kelly, Vickie, and Jeannette as they serve together in the office.   Pray for each one to know the joy in serving Jesus each day and experience His blessings.
  25. Pray for President and Vice President of the Navajo Nation, Jonathan Nez and Myron Lizer.  Pray for God’s wisdom and protection to be upon their lives and for the Navajo Nation to prosper under their leadership.
  26. Pray for Roger and Carol Kittle as they share God’s Word at Fruitland Baptist Church today.  The Kittles also serve as resident volunteers for the Ministry.  Pray for God to renew their strength each day, that they would not become weary in well-doing.
  27. Pray for those who are preparing to come and teach Vacation Bible Schools across the Navajo Nation this summer.  Pray for each team member’s travel expenses to be raised and for their hearts to be prepared for service.
  28. Pray for God’s blessing upon all our friends and donors who help us meet the financial needs of this Ministry each day.  We are grateful for the faithfulness of God and His people over the past 66 years of meeting the needs of our Navajo neighbors.
  29. Pray for the many teachers who have invested in the lives of our children this past school year.  As summer break approaches, pray for each one to experience rest and refreshment in the weeks ahead.
  30. Pray for the various visitors and volunteers who will be on our Ministry campus this summer.  Pray for them to experience God’s presence and peace as they spend time with us.
  31. SCHOOL IS OUT!!!!  Pray for our children to experience a safe and fun-filled summer.

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Ministry Highlights and Prayer Focus

Vertical Radio – A Voice in a Dark World

KNMI, our radio station ministry, began 39 years ago. We have continued to minister to listeners in the Four Corners region through music that is reaching our younger population. The positive music and interspersed messages regarding family issues, etc. continues to draw many listeners. I have had a daily interview type program since we went on the air in 1980. It is now called the Four Corners Spotlight. My guests speak to the issues concerning our local governments and highlight many of the great non-profit organizations in our area. We also feature High School sports as we broadcast ball games throughout the school year.  Be praying for our Managing Consultant for Vertical Radio, Devin Neeley, as he provides daily leadership to the Vertical Radio team as they work together to be a voice in a dark world.

James D. Baker



  • Pray for each listener to be encouraged by God’s love and faithfulness as they listen to the station.
  • Pray for the KNMI staff as they broadcast and perform their various individual tasks that keep the station running smoothly.
  • Praise God for each donor who prays for the needs of the station and gives financially to keep the station on the air.


After-School Learning Program

Four Corners Home for Children

KNMI Vertical Radio

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