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March 2020 Prayer Requests

  1. Happy birthday to President Emeritus, Jim Baker.  Jim continues to serve on the Board, sharing Navajo Ministries with the community through his daily radio program, participating in a local Rotary Group and Farmington Chamber of Commerce Red Coats, and serving on staff.
  2. Pray for our President, Annette Reich, as she faithfully leads our staff with Godly wisdom.  Pray for God’s direction to be made clear as she seeks His guidance each day.
  3. Pray for the family of one of our former children who passed away at 31 years of age.  Pray for God’s healing and comfort in their lives.
  4. Praise God for a local family foundation that has offered us a matching grant for $5,000.  Pray for success as we secure donations to meet the match.
  5. Today is Pastors’ Prayer – a time of prayer and fellowship for local pastors of our community.  Navajo Ministries hosts this gathering of Christian leaders each month.  Pray for those who attend to have a time of encouragement as they discuss the spiritual needs of our community.
  6. Pray for the marriages represented by all our staff members to remain strong in their commitment to the Lord and to each other.  Pray for each marriage to be a positive representation of Christ’s love for His Church.
  7. Pray for Steven and Sarah Murphy as they care for the children in the House of Faith.  Pray for each child in their home to mature and grow in the Lord under the Murphys’ supervision and love.
  8. Pray for the pastors in the Four Corners region as they share God’s Word today in their individual churches.  Pray for their messages to reflect the heart of God and His great love for all mankind, as well as bring conviction and encouragement in areas where change is needed.
  9. Pray for Hannah Begay, our Graphic Designer.  Pray for God to bless her with creativity and vision for all the brochures, letters, etc. that she is responsible to design.
  10. Happy 16th birthday to Taylor – one of the teens living in the House of Faith.  Taylor is an intelligent young man with great leadership skills.  Pray for him to continue to grow in the Lord.
  11. Pray for longevity in the use of the equipment, appliances, vehicles, etc. that are used in our homes, offices and on the ranch.
  12. Pray for Office Manager, Kelly Karlin, and the ladies who work with her, Vickie and Jeanette.  Praise God for the many years of faithfulness as they keep necessary records, pay bills, send out receipt letters and perform all the daily tasks of running an efficient office.
  13. Pray for the many teachers, counselors and mentors who work with our children on a regular basis.  Pray for them to share Christian values and leadership that will guide our kids in making great positive decisions for their futures.
  14. Pray for our Ranch Manager, Paula Terpsma, as she teaches our children to love and care for our ranch animals.  With warmer weather, Paula will give the children more opportunities to ride the horses.  Pray for their safety, as well as Paula’s, as they work with all the animals.
  15. Pray for Joe and Gerri Begay as they pastor Grace Community Church in Chinle, Arizona.  Pray for good health and physical strength as they cover many miles across the Navajo Nation, sharing their testimony of how God has worked in their lives, and continues to do so today.
  16. Happy 40th Anniversary to KNMI Vertical Radio.  Today is a celebration of these many years of sharing God’s love and hope through encouraging words and uplifting music.  Pray for each person who has had a part in the station’s success in spreading the Good News of Jesus Christ and His love for all people.
  17. Pray for Rick Terpsma and Andy Kellywood as they work together to meet all the maintenance needs on our campus.  Pray for safety as they work in various capacities, as well as share their knowledge with our teen boys as they work along side them.  Praise God for their servant hearts.
  18. Pray for the Navajo Nation and their President, Jonathan Nez, and their Vice President, Myron Lizer.  Pray for them to have Godly wisdom, strength and courage as they fulfill their many responsibilities.
  19. Pray for our Prayer Connection group that meets twice a month to pray for the needs of our Ministry family.  Pray for God’s blessing on their fellowship time together as they unite in prayer.Pray for God’s direction as they pray for staff, children, ministry opportunities and our many donors who make these opportunities possible.
  20. Happy birthday to Vice President Bob Fitz.  We thank God for Bob’s leadership as he works with staff, keeps up with our inspections, oversees finances and many other responsibilities.
  21. Pray for our neighbors who border our Ministry property.  We recently received a new family next door and, as with all our neighbors, we want to be a reflection of Jesus Christ.
  22. Pray for the pastors and Christian leaders across the Navajo Nation as they teach and preach God’s Word today.  There are over 300 small churches across the Navajo Nation.  Pray for these churches to be united in their outreach to the Navajo people.
  23. Happy birthday to Leah Stovall, General Manager of KNMI Vertical Radio.  Leah has done a great job in putting together an Open House and various other events to celebrate the station’s 40th anniversary this month.  Pray for Leah as she continues to provide leadership for KNMI.
  24. Pray for Judy Anglin who serves as support staff in the House of Faith.  Pray for Judy as she works with and assists the Murphys in providing excellent care and guidance to the children who reside with us.
  25. Pray for God’s perfect timing in the reopening of the House of Hope, which cares for our emergency placement children.  We need a full-time House Mom and part-time support staff to serve in this home and provide the care needed for these children in crises.
  26. Pray for the needed finances to continue the ministries of Navajo Ministries, Four Corners Home for Children, KNMI Vertical Radio and Navajo Nation Outreach.   Pray for God’s blessing on each friend and donor who give of their prayers and resources to make this ministry possible.
  27. Pray for the needs of each donor who have requested prayer from us.  Many have health concerns, lost loved ones, financial needs, etc. that weigh heavily on their hearts.  Pray for God’s peace and provision in their lives.
  28. Pray for the many homeless in our area who need shelter and direction for their lives.  Pray for those who struggle with addictions and for those who minister to them.
  29. Pray for Roger and Carol Kittle as they serve faithfully at Navajo Ministries and pastor at Fruitland Baptist Church.  Roger also serves as our Ministry Chaplain and works with many folks who struggle with addictions and homelessness.
  30. Pray for our teens and the daily pressures they face each day at school.  Pray for the joy of the Lord to permeate their lives and for God’s plan to be revealed for their lives.  Pray for them to make Godly decisions and be encouraged by the knowledge of God’s love for them.
  31. Pray for the Christian Coalition of Homes for Children, which includes Four Corners Home for Children with the other Christian childcare homes in New Mexico.  Pray for each member as they meet together and make decisions that affect the lives of the children in foster care across our state.

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Ministry Highlights and Prayer Focus


This month marks a special event that took place at Navajo Ministries on March 16, 1980. It was on this day that we flipped the switch to turn on KNMI radio, providing the Four Corners region with the first Christian radio station. While the power was low at the beginning, the message was filled with power as founder, Jack Drake, got behind the microphone, read some scripture and prayed that God would use the signal from this station to speak hope, restoration and salvation to those living in San Juan County.

That was 40 years ago. Over these four decades God has enabled us to increase power, erect the tallest tower in San Juan County and reach the varied cultures of our region with Christ-centered music, along with positive messages of hope 24 hours a day. Today, our music is relevant, reaching especially the youth and young adults with uplifting programming for the whole family. For many years we have also featured high school sports throughout the school year which has allowed us to reach another audience of listeners.

God has continued to provide the funds and staff over these 40 years to keep KNMI, Vertical Radio on the air. Will you join us with your prayers asking God to meet the current challenges facing the station as we are needing an extra $16,000 to erase a current deficit. God is our Source. Friends like you are His Resource.

Jim Baker, President Emeritus



  • Pray for Leah Stovall and Devin Neeley as they work together to supervise KNMI.
  • Praise God for those who contribute to the financial needs of KNMI.
  • Pray for the DJs who share encouraging words and music, broadcast sports and perform various tasks at the station.
  • Pray for the station to bring glory to God every day.


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