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February 2020 Prayer Requests

  1. Pray for the pastors across the Navajo Nation who are sharing God’s Word today with their individual church fellowships.  Pray for God’s Word to penetrate the hearts of each hearer and strengthen their commitment to serving Christ and sharing His sacrificial love with others.
  2. Please pray for our President, Annette Reich, for wisdom as she leads staff and represents Navajo Ministries in our community.
  3. Happy birthday to Chuck Reich, husband to Annette Reich (President).  Although not on staff, Chuck is active in mentoring our teenagers, encouraging our staff and pursuing ministry to the homeless population and those addicted to drugs and alcohol, while also fulfilling his role as Executive Producer of Horizon Media Studios.
  4. Happy birthday to Andy Kellywood, who works faithfully each day in our maintenance department.  Pray for Andy as he also works with our teen boys, teaching them skills in maintenance as well as showing them how to be productive, Godly young men.
  5. Pray for Steven and Sarah Murphy who joined our staff last month to be houseparents in the House of Faith.  Steven and Sarah have settled into their new roles, building structure and accountability into the lives of our teenagers.  Praise God for the bonding taking place in this newly-formed family.
  6. Pray for Jim and Kay Baker as they work together to keep the community, donors and friends updated on the Ministry.  Pray for their 22-month-old grandson, Brennan, who is having surgery today in Albuquerque to remove his tonsils and adenoids.   Pray for a successful surgery and a quick and complete recovery.
  7. Pray for Vice President Bob Fitz as he oversees the various departments of Navajo Ministries.  Pray for wisdom as he supervises staff, keeps up with our various inspections, prioritizes financial needs, etc.
  8. Pray for Roger and Carol Kittle as they pastor at Fruitland Baptist Church, as well as volunteer their time at Navajo Ministries.  Pray for Carol, who has been in Seattle for the past two weeks, caring for her grandson while his dad is recovering from major surgery.
  9. Pray for Judy Anglin, assistant housemother in the House of Faith.  Judy cares for the children during the houseparents’ time off Monday mornings through Wednesday mornings. Pray for wisdom and discernment as she prepares the children for a new week of classes at school.
  10. Pray for 16-year-old Taylor, who has been selected to go with his high school French class to Paris this summer.  Application for his passport is being made to complete his preparations for the trip.  Taylor has been working this past year to help earn the necessary funds to make this trip possible.  We are so excited about this opportunity for him.
  11. Happy birthday to our Graphic Designer, Hannah Begay.  Pray for her as she uses her God-given talents to create printed materials and fulfill photography needs for Navajo Ministries.
  12. Pray for Arron Sam, a former child at Four Corners Home for Children, who currently serves in the Marines.  On leave, Arron spent a week on campus visiting with staff and current children living at Four Corners Home for Children.  Please pray for his safety as he serves our country.
  13. Pray for our leadership team as they meet weekly to discuss the various areas of ministry represented by Navajo Ministries.  Pray for Godly wisdom as discussions take place and decisions are made.  Pray for unity that glorifies the Lord.
  14. Happy Valentine’s Day – May you be reminded of God’s perfect love for you as He willingly gave His Son to be your Savior.  Thank God for Christ’s sacrifice to take away the sins of the world.
  15. Pray for Jo Morrissey, Executive Assistant at Navajo Ministries.  Thank God for her servant’s heart as she sets up meetings, keeps childcare records, transports children and assists staff in many other ways.
  16. Pray for the pastors in our community as they serve in over 60 churches in San Juan County.  Pray for God’s Word to be shared today through the power of the Holy Spirit.  Pray for God’s protection over our pastors and their families.
  17. Pray for Rick and Paula Terpsma as they serve in maintenance (Rick) and on our ranch (Paula).  Paula also serves as our campus nurse.  Praise God for their faithfulness to serve wherever needed.
  18. Pray for Nina Benally, our After-School teacher, as she teaches our children about their culture.  Pray for our children to be inspired by Nina’s Christian testimony and her love for the Lord as she shares her childhood experiences and faith with them.
  19. Happy birthday to 15-year-old Sonny, who lives in the House of Faith.  Pray for Sonny to grow in his faith and make daily decisions that reflect his love for Jesus.
  20. Pray for Kelly Karlin, Office Manager, as she works with Vickie and Jeanette to complete necessary paperwork, mail letters, send out receipts, file reports, etc.   We are grateful for the dedication of this team of ladies.
  21. Pray for the children currently living at Four Corners Home for Children.  Pray for them to resist the temptations of the world they are surrounded by each day at school.
  22. Pray for the children who are currently needing placement at Four Corners Home for Children.  The need is great but, sadly, the workers are few – both at FCHC and in other homes across our state, represented by the Christian Coalition of Homes for Children.  Pray for needed staff for all our homes.
  23. Pray for Joe and Gerri Begay as they minister at Grace Fellowship Church in Chinle, Arizona today.  Pray for God’s healing strength in their lives and for the people of their fellowship to be helpful in meeting the needs of their community.
  24. Pray for those who provide counseling and mentoring to our children to have wisdom and discernment from the Lord.  Pray for the children to be receptive to the encouragement and direction they receive and make positive decisions and changes in their lives.
  25. Pray for Pastor Jackson Yazzie, long-time evangelist to the Navajo Nation, as he shares devotions with us several times a month.  Jackson recently retired as chaplain for our local hospital and continues to preach God’s Word whenever opportunities arise.
  26. It is our desire to reopen the House of Hope, taking in children on a short-term basis who need care.  Pray for God’s leading in hiring a full-time housemother and a part-time assistant so we can fulfill this need in the Four Corners region.
  27. Prayer is vital for Navajo Ministries and we are grateful for those who pray for us and for those we can pray for on a regular basis.  Ask the Lord to keep our staff faithful in their commitment and to always be known as people of prayer.
  28. Pray for Radio Manager Leah Stovall as she directs KNMI Vertical Radio.  Pray for her staff as they provide positive and encouraging ministry through the airwaves.
  29. Pray for each donor who has supported us throughout this past month with their prayers and financial support to receive God’s blessing upon their lives.  Pray for them to experience victories and see God’s hand working in their lives.

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Ministry Highlights and Prayer Focus


It was a busy day on Friday, December 20, 2019 as pastors arrived at Navajo Ministries from various areas of the Navajo Nation.  What a blessing to be a part of loading up their pickup trucks with food, blankets, toys, coats, health supplies and Bibles as they prepare to visit families living close to their individual churches and homes.  Repeatedly, we heard words like this, “Thank you for all these things.  It gives us a chance to visit and minister to our neighbors who don’t attend church.”

Ministry to the elderly in the area is always a priority.  These are the sometimes-forgotten people who are confined to their homes and struggle with health needs, as well as the lack of the necessities of life such as firewood, blankets and food.  In Jesus’ name, food and supplies were shared, encouragement was given and prayers were offered on their behalf.  One family had lost a young family member on Christmas morning and was in desperate need of prayer.  Another man asked for prayer that he could return home and be accepted by his family again.

We are grateful for everyone who sent in items to be shared, provided finances to purchase blankets, food, etc., and prayed for those who were visiting or visited.  Jesus said, “I tell you the truth, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did it for me.”  Matthew 25:40



  • Pray for the many families ministered to during the Christmas season through Christmas Connections.
  • Pray for those needing hope and encouragement to connect with a local church.
  • Pray for those struggling with physical needs to receive the medical care they need.
  • Pray for those involved in addiction, abuse and neglect to find help through Jesus Christ.


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