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November 2019 Prayer Requests

  1. Pray for Navajo Ministries’ Board of Directors who are holding a special planning meeting today to focus on the future of Navajo Ministries and the direction God is leading.
  2. Today is a special luncheon for the ladies on staff at Navajo Ministries and the ladies who attend Fruitland Baptist Church, pastored by Roger and Carol Kittle.  Pray for this to be a time of fun fellowship and encouragement as 50+ ladies meet together.
  3. Pray for our Interim President, Annette Reich, as she leads Navajo Ministries, working with our Board, staff, children and our community.
  4. Happy birthday to Executive Assistant Jo Morrissey, who assists our leadership team in various ways.  Pray for her day to hold fun moments with her family and friends.
  5. Pray for the various teachers who impact our students as they attend school each day.  Pray for them to encourage our children in their scholastics, as well as help them establish Godly character.
  6. Pray for Vice President Bob Fitz as he manages areas of finances, human resources, maintenance and special projects.
  7. Pray for our Prayer Connection group that meets tonight to pray for our staff and children, as well as our community and friends across the nation who help to make this Ministry possible.
  8. Pray for Jim and Kay Baker, as they serve in Partnership Ministry, connecting with our friends and donors, keeping them informed of Ministry highlights, challenges and needs.
  9. Pray for each visitor who comes to Navajo Ministries to see God at work through our staff and experience His peace as they tour our campus.  Pray for each visitor to learn ways they can be supportive of God’s work through Navajo Ministries.
  10. Pray for pastors across the Navajo Nation and in our Four Corners region as they share God’s Word in the churches they represent.  Pray for God to move in the lives of each individual who attends and hears God’s Word.
  11. Pray for the marriages represented by our board members and staff to be reflections of Christ’s love for His Church.  May each marriage relationship bring glory to God.
  12. Pray for Rick Terpsma and Andy Kellywood as they complete each maintenance task and keep our homes and campus looking well-kept.  Praise God for their mentoring relationships with our teen boys as the boys also assist in maintenance projects.
  13. Pray for Ms. Nina as she assists our children in the After-School Program, teaching them Navajo language, weaving and various other areas of Navajo culture.
  14. Pray for Office Manager Kelly Karlin, and those who assist her, Vickie and Jeannette, in keeping our office running efficiently.
  15. Happy birthday to Ms. Nelene, housemother in the House of Love.  Nelene has served with us for almost six years and provides loving structure and discipline for the children in her care.
  16. Pray for KNMI Vertical Radio as they do a live remote today for the Blue Star Mothers.  People of our community are asked to bring items for our military personnel to be used in Christmas boxes sent around the world by the Blue Star Mothers.  Pray for God’s blessing on each of these ladies and those who provide items for our military.
  17. Pray for Assistant Housemother Judy Anglin, as she mentors our children and cares for them during the time their Housemother, Ms. Nelene, is on her days off.  Pray for unity and focused direction as these ladies meet the many needs of the children in their care.
  18. Today begins the Audit Review for Navajo Ministries.  Pray for each member of the audit committee to have God’s wisdom and knowledge as they prepare their report.
  19. Pray for Vickie Franklin, who celebrates 31 years of service at Navajo Ministries today.  Vickie has fulfilled several roles over the past 31 years, most recently serving as Receipting Specialist.
  20. Pray for Melissa Tarazon who counsels with our children and leads training with our childcare team.  Melissa’s wisdom is very beneficial in helping our children become emotionally healthy, happy and productive.
  21. Pray for each child currently living in the House of Love.  Pray for them to do well in their schoolwork, to enjoy being a part of their local youth group and to become aware of God’s plan and purpose for their lives.
  22. Pray for God’s leading in connecting with just the right couple He has planned to be houseparents in the House of Faith.  We want His best in fulfilling this important position.
  23. Pray for Paula Terpsma as she works with our children on the ranch.  Pray for safety for Paula and each child who helps to care for the animals.
  24. Pray for Joe and Gerri Begay, who are sharing God’s Word today at Grace Fellowship in Chinle, Arizona.  Pray for God’s healing in Joe’s life and for physical strength for Gerri as she assists Joe in leading this special group of people.
  25. Today our students begin their school break for Thanksgiving.  Pray for hearts of gratitude for each child and staff member as we reflect on God’s mercies and grace in our lives.
  26. Pray for our leadership team members as they meet weekly to discuss the various areas of ministry and the blessings and challenges in each department.  Pray for unity and a focused heart to serve.
  27. Pray for Graphic Artist Hannah Begay as she begins a busy season of preparing Christmas mailings.  Hannah is responsible for printing Christmas cards and photos of our children for each person involved in our childcare sponsorship program.
  28. HAPPY THANKSGIVING.  Praise God for His loving kindness which is new every day.  May this be a day of thanks-giving and thanks-living for each person who serves, prays and supports this Ministry.
  29. As cold weather becomes common, pray for the many homeless people of our area to have warm shelter at night.  Pray for those who suffer from addictions to find hope and healing through Christ and the various organizations in our area.
  30. Pray for Paula Terpsma and those who volunteer with her to pack up coats, blankets, health supplies, etc. for our Christmas Connection visits.  Pray for God to begin preparing the hearts of those who will be visited to be open to receiving Christ as their Savior if they do not already know Him.

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Ministry Highlights and Prayer Focus


It’s always a joy to hear from you, our prayer warriors, who use the Prayer Link each day.  Recently, I received the following email: “Thank you so much for your faithful Prayer Link each month.  This allows us to pray for the children, all the staff, and for the Navajo people each day.  We have continued to pray each day for you in a meaningful way because of these daily reminders.”  

These words sum up the purpose of our Prayer Link and we are so thankful for YOU – our faithful prayer partners – who stand with us, agree with us and hold our daily requests up to the Lord for His blessing and fulfillment.  During this Thanksgiving season, we at Navajo Ministries join our words with apostle Paul in Philippians 1:3-6, “I thank my God every time I remember you.  In all my prayers for all of you, I always pray with joy because of your partnership in the gospel from the first day until now, being confident of this, that He who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.”

May God bless you this Thanksgiving season with new awareness of His great love for you.

Kay L. Baker


  • Praise God for the faithfulness of each friend and donor who helps to support this Ministry thru their prayers and finances.
  • Pray for each child currently at Four Corners Home for Children to feel cherished and loved by Christ and our Ministry team.
  • Praise God for each child who spent time at Four Corners Home for Children during their childhood.  Pray for them to make Christ the center of their lives.


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