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July 2019 Prayer Requests

  1. We welcome Pam Young, our newest staff member, who arrived June 17th.  Pam will be serving on our childcare team and comes to us from Oklahoma.  Please pray for her as she adjusts to New Mexico and works with, and cares for, our children.
  2. Pray for Annette Reich, who is serving as Interim President following Raymond Dunton’s departure in mid-June.  Pray for Raymond and Tuggy as they enter a new season of life.
  3. Pray for the children who attended the recent Vacation Bible School, hosted by a team from Tropical Farms Baptist Church in Florida.  Praise God for Tim and Kim Long, who served as leaders for the team.  Pray for each child to remain active and grow spiritually from their attendance at Red Valley Church where the VBS was held.
  4. Happy July Fourth!!   Praise God for the wonderful nation we have the privilege to live in each day.  Pray for our government leaders and our military personnel as they serve this country.
  5. Pray for each married couple represented by Navajo Ministries to remain strong in their relationship with the Lord and with each other.  Pray for our marriages to reflect the love of Christ and bring glory to God.
  6. Pray for 13-year-old Brittney who will attend Cross Bar X Youth Camp next week.  Pray for this to be a life-changing experience as she receives more knowledge of who Jesus is and His plan for her life.  Pray for her to commit her life to Christ in a new way.
  7. Pray for the pastors in this area as they present God’s Word to their individual church families.  Pray for hearts to be convicted and lives to be changed.  Pray for God’s peace and encouragement to envelope the lives of those who attend.
  8. Pray for our childcare team to work in unity and walk in wisdom and understanding as they serve our children.  Pray for Annette Reich as she directs the team and interviews applicants to fill the vacancies we have on staff.
  9. Pray for Andy Kellywood and Rick Terpsma as they work so faithfully keeping our campus looking great and keeping up with needed repairs.  Pray for physical strength to meet the challenges before them each day. Pray for them to receive rest and refreshment over the weekends.
  10. Pray for Navajo Nation President Jonathan Nez, and Vice President Myron Lizer, as they work with tribal leaders and make decisions that effect the Navajo Nation.  Pray for them to seek God’s wisdom and direction for their people.
  11. Pray for our office team – Vickie Franklin, Accounts Receivable and Jeanette Fercik, Accounts Payable – as they keep up with all the paperwork that is involved in a ministry this size.  We thank God for their organizational skills and their attention to important details.
  12. Pray for Jim and Kay Baker as they fly to Pennsylvania today for a two-week visit with family and friends.  Pray for their safety and for a time of rest and refreshment for them.
  13. Pray for safe travels for Brittney as she returns home from camp in Colorado.
  14. Pray for the many pastors across the Navajo Nation who are preaching in over 200 churches today.  Pray for these fellowships to grow together as the Body of Christ and be faithful in sharing the news of Jesus Christ to unbelievers.
  15. Summer months traditionally bring a reduction of financial gifts to Christian ministries.  This is also true of Navajo Ministries.   Pray for the needed income to remain consistent and meet the daily needs of this ministry.
  16. Pray for each child living at Navajo Ministries to accept the love, wisdom and guidance shared with them on a regular basis.  Pray for contentment in their lives and the peace of God.
  17. Pray for the needs of each donor who faithfully gives of their prayers and support to keep Navajo Ministries a dynamic outreach to our community and to the Navajo people.  Our donors are the hands and feet of Christ who enable this ministry to continue into its 67th year.
  18. Pray for the pastors and spiritual leaders as they join together this morning to pray for the needs in their personal lives, in their church fellowships and in our community.  We praise God for this cohesive group that acknowledges their need for Christ and for one another.
  19. Pray for our Office Manager Kelly Karlin as she supervises and organizes all the activities of each workday.  Pray for her to enjoy good physical health and continue to be blessed by her faithful service to Navajo Ministries.
  20. Pray for Sonny, Taylor and Connor as they go to Cross Bar X Youth Camp today.  They will be at camp until August 3.   Pray for this to be a spiritually growing time for each one as they continue to grow into the young men God is calling them to be.  Pray for God to reveal more of His plan for their lives as they seek Him.
  21. Pray for each volunteer and visitor who comes unto the campus this summer to experience the love of Jesus through our children and staff.  Pray for them to feel welcomed and learn of new ways they can be a part of the Ministry.
  22. Pray for Vice President, Bob Fitz, as he oversees the financial aspect of the whole ministry, as well as gives attention to the ongoing needs of the campus and staff.
  23. Pray for our leadership team as they meet regularly to discuss the challenges in our administration, childcare, radio and Navajo Nation outreach departments.  Pray for these leaders to be wise in their planning as they bring growth into their department and look for ways to impact the Ministry.
  24. Pray for ranch manager Paula Terpsma as she supervises the care of our animals.  Paula also serves as our campus nurse, overseeing the children’s medications and responding to first aid that needs to be performed.
  25. Pray for safety of our staff and children as they travel many miles over the summer.  Whether it’s an appointment five miles away, or a weekend camping trip, we seek God’s protection over our children and staff and over the vehicles they use.
  26. Pray for the staff of KNMI Vertical Radio as they begin broadcasting the annual Connie Mack World Series games today.  The next week entails a rigorous schedule for each Vertical Radio staff member, as well as for the broadcasters and those who volunteer to help for the week.  Pray for all the radio equipment to work well, and the staff to stay healthy and work well together.
  27. Pray for our counselor, Melissa, as she works with the children and gives guidance to our childcare staff as they work with the children.
  28. Pray for Roger and Carol Kittle as they volunteer and serve in various areas of the ministry.  In addition, Roger is our campus chaplain and Carol organizes all our overnight guests and work teams.
  29. Pray for the House of Faith and the House of Love to be homes that offer safety, security, peace and encouragement to each child who dwells there.
  30. Pray for our Graphic Artist, Hannah Begay, as she creates attractive pieces of information that shares the purpose and vision of Navajo Ministries.  This includes our Navajo Neighbors magazine and various other brochures.
  31. Pray for Nina Benally as she works with our children in both the After-School Program and in the homes as an assistant housemother.  Pray for the children to increase their awareness of their precious culture and who God created them to be.

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Ministry Highlights and Prayer Focus


It’s summertime, and our children are excited to be out of their classrooms and free from deadlines on homework, reports and classroom activities.  But learning never stops and Ms. Nina enjoys continuing her After-School Learning Program throughout the summer months.  The children continue to work on their weaving projects and learning some of their beautiful Navajo language.

Recently, Ms. Nina took the children out of the classroom and to her farm in the Navajo Nation.  That day, for most of the children, they had their first experience in learning how to butcher a sheep.  Under Ms. Nina’s tutelage, the children learned each part of the sheep and how it is used to help sustain the Navajo people.

The children were already familiar with the wool and how it is carded and spun for weaving.  This day they learned where the choicest meat was located by the breastbone of the sheep.  They also learned how every body part of the sheep provides enjoyable eating for the Navajo people.

Thank you for your prayers for our children as they continue to call Four Corners Home for Children their “home.”

Kay L. Baker
Partnership Ministry



  • Pray for each child in our care to grow in their knowledge of who Jesus is and His love for them.
  • Pray for Ms. Nina Benally as she shares the Navajo culture with the children and gives them hands-on experiences in learning new skills and talents.
  • Pray for the biological parents of each child to be a positive influence in the lives of their children when they come to visit.
  • Praise God for the beautiful Activity Center where the children can go to learn and play.


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