Living Memorials

Families and children remain as the very heartbeat of Navajo Ministries. Most everything that we do revolves around rescuing a child’s life from a possible neglectful or abusive situation.

We have built new homes for the children. Just like clockwork, the needs of Navajo children continue to escalate. Our Living Memorials program is designed to bring hope to more Navajo children.

Would you prayerfully consider a Living Memorial? Navajo boys and girls need your help right now through Living Memorials.

Maybe it has been quite a while since you gave a Living Memorial in memory of your loved one. Today would be a great day to once again give a gift that keeps on giving.

Our houseparents appreciate the friends of Navajo Ministries who have given Living Memorials IN MEMORY OF or IN HONOR OF loved ones.

Your Living Memorials gift can make a distinct difference. Through Living Memorials, your loved one is not only memorialized, but their witness can continue through the gift provided to Navajo children.

A special card of remembrance will be sent to your departed loved one’s family (or you can “HONOR” a deserving, living person, too!) No amounts will be mentioned.

Here is a current list of others who have given to deserving Navajo boys and girls. Please click HERE to honor your loved one.

2017 Living Memorials

January 2017
From: In Memory of:
Margaret GageIke and Mary Lou Gage
Thomas and Joanne ThibodeauRobert Cowan, Sr.
From: In Honor of:
Jeffrey AnagnostouMr. Taki Anagnostou, Ph.D
Doug and Ellen StewartMarie Stewart
Megan PerkinsChris and Mari Shepard
Barton and Madge CampbellJim and Kay Baker
February 2017
From:In Memory of:
Rick and Connie KroneRobert Cowan
Mr. and Mrs. Ted RathRobert Cowan
Heart Failure TeamRobert Cowan
Richard and Sina KrainesRobert Cowan
Michael and MindyRobert Cowan
George and Karen AllspachRobert Cowan
Dale and Molly SchaffenackerRobert Cowan
Dorothy CowanRobert Cowan
Latham Baptist ChurchRobert Cowan
Anna B. SaharaCharles Don Kennett
Robert and Betty WoolfordCharles Don Kennett
William and Marlene HoweCharles Don Kennett
Roy and Marilyn ReedCharles Don Kennett
Natalie and Bob ByrnesCharles Don Kennett
Jeri BunnellCharles Don Kennett
Sandra DaleyCharles Don Kennett
Billy and Martha KennettCharles Don Kennett
Ronald and Marilyn LewallenCharles Don Kennett
Frederic and Natalie SchuhmacherCharles Don Kennett
Mr. and Mrs. David NuttCharles Don Kennett
John and Condy LindstedtCharles Don Kennett
Bob and Carolyn SkeensCharles Don Kennett
Mrs. Marge Marler, Debbie and KarenCharles Don Kennett
Freda Kay VilainCharles Don Kennett
Barbara FrederickCharles Don Kennett
Mr. and Mrs. R.L. HutchisonCharles Don Kennett
Cathy LindhorstCharles Don Kennett
Arlene MagruderCharles Don Kennett
Randall and Kathleen NealeyCharles Don Kennett
Kim PorterCharles Don Kennett
Dan and Joan MoritzCharles Don Kennett
Lynda HurtCharles Don Kennett
Richard and Diane JaklevichCharles Don Kennett
Tomahawk Social ClubCharles Don Kennett
Marjorie L. KastCharles Don Kennett
Elaine M. HallCharles Don Kennett
Marguerite WissmannBill Neumann
Thomas and Nan McCallCharles Don Kennett
Glen and Shirley WilcocCharles Don Kennett
From:In Honor of:
Jodi BlairRandall and Rolanda Jeffrey
March 2017
From:In Memory of:
Glen and Shirley WilcoxCharles Don Kennett
Marguerite WissmannDora Wegemeyer
Margie VoilesCharles Don Kennett
Warren and Judy LivingstonCharles Don Kennett
Wilma E. McReynoldsCharles Don Kennett
Robert and Leslie FitzHarriet Gerding
William and Patricia SneadHarriet Gerding
Gwen S. ClouthierHarriet Gerding
Bo SkeenHarriet Gerding
Timothy LelkoHarriet Gerding
Jay F. Boyd CPAHarriet Gerding
James and Sara StevensonHarriet Gerding
From:In Honor Of:
Jodi BlairRandall and Rolanda Jeffrey
Hyde Park Alliance Church of The ChristBarbara Perkins
April 2017
From:In Memory of:
William and Katherine BlackHarriet Gerding
Ruth B. DuffyHarriet Gerding
Melanie MorrisHarriet Gerding
Bernadette H. BartellHarriet Gerding
Bernard and Jeanne BrummellHarriet Gerding
John and Millie McMahonHarriet Gerding
Jay and Carole ChristensenHarriet Gerding
Libby FosterHarriet Gerding
Christopher and Bridget RichardsHarriet Gerding
Judith LewisMarian Kishbaugh
William and Suzanne WeberRichard (Dick) Ullrich
Charles and Susan BarkerHarriet Gerding
Ida May GochenaurJames Gochenaur
Marilyn PaxtonPenney Schoenhoff
Michael JanotkaOwen O’Neil
Barbara BoergerRichard (Dick) Ullrich
Dan and Jan ClymerRichard (Dick) Ullrich
Charles and Rosemarie LogomasiniRichard (Dick) Ullrich
Jess and Mary CardozaRichard (Dick) Ullrich
From:In Honor Of:
Colin and Sherida StewartGrandchildren: Juniper, Hawthorne and Willow
Gwen S. CouthierEric Fisher
Barbara HallJim and Kay Baker
May 2017
From:In Memory of:
Lawrence Johnson and Caroline RawlinsHarriet Gerding
James MurphyLauren Amber Nemcek
Terry and Connie JohnsonHarriet Gerding
William VseteckaHelen Vsetecka
Dave KatzerDick and Flora Ullrich
Elizabeth DiazHarriet Gerding
Bobby and Susan TaylorEd Taylor
Dennis and Dottie MillerRhett Michael Miller
From:In Honor Of:
Donna BeckmanGrandfather
June 2017
From:In Memory of:
Michael JanotkaOwen O’Neil
Michael and Sara CoffDon Kennett
JULY 2017
From:In Memory of:
Richard and Sharon JordanMargaret Brothers
Gary and Suzanne FisherMargaret Brothers
Charles BurciagaBob and Harriet Gerding
Dr. and Mrs. Frederick L. CharlesH. Melvin and Elva S. Charles
Elizabeth DiazHarriet Gerding
Phillip FlowersBonnie Flowers
From:In Honor Of:
Georgann HuberDebbie Ridgersons – Birthday
From:In Memory of:
Lily SchneiderErnest Steudler, Jr.
Lily SchneiderCalvin Young, Jr.
Walter and Kathleen KatzerJack Poe
Betty WhighamCharles E Fischer
Marian BurridgeJean C. Reddy
Christine MorganJean C. Reddy
Carol and Frank, Sharyn, Lori, Laura, DavidJean C. Reddy
Amy, Elise, Tanya, Lauren and SteveJean C. Reddy
From:In Honor Of:
Collin StewartGrandchildren: Juniper, Hawthorne and Willow
Jodi BlairRandall and Rolanda Jeffrey
Georgann HuberGaylon Stouwell
Walter and Kathleen KatzerJohn and Cheryl Stanley
Douglas PeaseJami and Lisa Chavez
From:In Memory of:
Virginia KennettJean C. Reddy
Mike and Sara CossJean C. Reddy
Jana and Mike KinekerlingJean C. Reddy
Stephanie WelterRich Mullins
Randall JeffreyTom Jeffrey
From:In Honor Of:
David and Dianne ShowersJulianna Supplee
Georgann M. HuberSue Macken