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November 2017 Prayer Requests:

  1. Pray for Emmet Fowler as we celebrate his 4 years of service this time.
  2. Pray for Bakers as they return from their trip to the east coast. We appreciate all the connections they keep with churches and people on the east coast.
  3. We are thankful for Hannah Rodden’s many years of faithful service. Her computer graphics talent is valuable here. We are blessed to have her here. Pray for her as she does all the wonderful work in our magazine and other areas of the ministry.
  4. Pray for the salvation of Ben & Eunice Stoner’s son Joe, and Melissa, his wife.
  5. Joe & Gerri Begay have shown many years of devotion to one another and are an example of a long and fruitful marriage to the many Navajos they minister to. Pray for them as they minister to their church and others they come in contact with.
  6. Pray for the House of Faith boys as they continue without house parents. Pray for Corie, Darcy and Eleanor as they care for the boys. Pray for the right house parents to come.
  7. Pray for our President of Navajo Ministries Raymond Dunton. Pray for him as he leads in new areas. Pray for wisdom.
  8. Pray for Bob Fitz and the maintenance team as they see to the care of the facilities. Pray for the finances to be there when things need to be replaced and repaired.
  9. Pray for our Leadership Team as they get together once a week. Pray for God’s leading in the decisions they make.
  10. Happy birthday to Marilann Jeffrey. She has been with us for 3 years this month as an assistant. Sometimes she takes time on her day off to spend one-on-one time with one of the girls in the House of Love. Pray that the Lord gives her encouragement to share.
  11. Happy Veterans Day – Veterans Day celebrates those who served to protect our home. Pray that God touches them and heals their emotional pain. Pray for grace to accept the Nation’s gratitude for their service.
  12. Pray for our pastors throughout the Four Corners as their “feet are fitted with the readiness that comes from the gospel of peace … and words may be given me so that I will fearlessly make known the mystery of the gospel.” Ephesians 6:15, 19
  13. Navajo Taco Luncheon is November 15th. Pray that people come to the awareness of the work we do with giving children hope in Jesus Christ.
  14. Kelly Hargrove’s husband, Tim, has knee replacement surgery today. Pray for no infections and a speedy recovery. Pray for peace for Kelly during this time.
  15. Happy birthday to Nelene Kellogg in the House of Love. Pray for her to be encouraged in the work she does with the girls. We also celebrate her 4th anniversary at Navajo Ministries this month.
  16. Today is our Prayer Connection. We meet twice a month to pray for the Ministries’ needs.
  17. Pray for Randall & Rolanda as they find ways to make the community & others aware of what Navajo Ministries does to help children.
  18. Pray for the teachers in our area as they work with many children from different back grounds. Pray for endurance to keep going on rough days.
  19. Pray for Vickie Franklin, our receipting specialist, as we celebrate her 29 years of faithful service.
  20. Our Ranch Program is not just about caring for animals but learning safety and boundaries with the animals. The children are taught to be patient, kind, and caring with the horses, but be firm. Some children come afraid of horses but they learn not to be afraid after some time around them. Pray that this time is a good for them.
  21. Praise the Lord for our volunteers Roger & Carol Kittle. Roger has been a blessing providing guitar and ukulele lessons to one of our boys. Carol blesses others with iced tea and rock painting with a visit. Pray for words of encouragement and wisdom.
  22. Rick & Paula have always been a stable part of Navajo Ministries. Many of the children they cared for still come back to visit them. Pray that when they visit, that Rick & Paula’s loving kindness will lead them to the loving arms of the Lord.
  23. Happy Thanksgiving! Pray for thankful hearts as the house parents have most of their children for this wonderful holiday. Sometimes some of the children get to see their families during this time. If they do get to see family, pray for their safety.
  24. Pray for some of the younger of the former children who have been here as they are with their natural families. Some are happy and doing well but others we don’t know how well they are doing. Some have lost parents and need that emotional healing & need to be able to grieve. Some don’t want to talk about the loss and that is much worse for them.
  25. Pray for the KNMI Vertical Radio staff as they minister to people listening to Christian music. Pray that God provides all the necessary equipment needed. We are thankful for the many years of faithful donors who keep KNMI going.
  26. Pray for Kelly Karlin & office staff as they process incoming donations and outgoing bills as well as keeping in contact with donors.
  27. Pray for Navajo Pastors as they minister to people who don’t always embrace the gospel due to uncertainty of their value. Navajos sometimes mix other religions with Christianity and often still see the gospel as the white man’s religion.
  28. Praise God for Bill and Linda Eubank for their many years of service. They have counseled many that have come into our homes. Pray as they continue to look to God for direction in helping the children and houseparents.
  29. Christmas Connections is coming up in December. We are thankful for all the people who send blankets, coats and toys to be given to churches in Navajoland. Pray for the families who receive these gifts and see that God loves them and offers salvation.
  30. Pray for our finances as we are stewards of the money God entrusts us with for helping children. We are thankful for the caring donors who give because they care about the children God has entrusted to our care.

Ministry Highlight


We are thankful for Cross Bar X. During the summer our children go to Cross Bar X for camp. One of our girls who is back with family was saved while at Cross Bar X. She almost didn’t go to summer camp. Just before leaving, social services said her family was coming to pick her up, but they approved of her going to camp.

“The girl was shy.” said the camp counselor but towards the end of the week the counselor got to spend one on one time with her. She asked the girl if she had heard of salvation. After the girl said that she was not saved the counselor explained salvation to her. The girl then decided she wanted to be saved. They prayed together and the girl got saved. Soon after the girl got back she went back with her family. She was not able to tell us that she was saved but the counselor told us about it in August. We are thankful for Cross Bar X because they can help present the gospel to our children. That is the reason why we sent them there.

Rolanda Jeffrey

Projects Assistant


Prayer Focus For November

Four Corners Home for Children

  • Pray for our children here at Navajo Ministries. Pray that they understand boundaries and what it means to have a stable home. Some resist stability after living a chaotic life. Pray for each child’s salvation and growth in the Lord.
  • Pray for the parents of the children who come. Some parents are having a rough time with addictions. These children love them very much and the parents often don’t see the harm it is doing to them. The children just want to be with their parents.