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August 2017 Prayer Requests:

  1. Today we celebrate Cliff and Kristine Young, houseparents to our boys in the House of Faith. The Youngs just completed four years of service at Four Corners Home for Children.
  2. Pray for Eric Fisher, president of Navajo Ministries. Praise God for his faithful leadership and encouragement he provides to our staff and children.
  3. Our last campers at Bar X Youth Camp arrive home today. Pray for Jennifer and Danielle to embrace the teaching they received over the past nine days.
  4. Pray for KNMI Vertical Radio General Manager Emmet Fowler and his team as they are in the midst of broadcasting the annual Connie Mack World Series. They have a hectic schedule of broadcasting nine days of ball games for our radio listeners.
  5. Pray for our girls in the House of Love and their housemom, Nelene, as they prepare for going back to school this month. Nelene currently has two high schoolers, three middle schoolers and three elementary students.
  6. Pray for the president of the Navajo Nation, Russell Begaye, as he works with the leadership of the tribal council and serves the Navajo people. Pray for him to stand firm in his walk with the Lord and be a Godly influence on the Navajo Nation.
  7. Pray for all our current children as they anticipate going back to school in one week. Some of them experience extreme anxiety as their first day of school approaches.
  8. Pray for our Leadership Team as they meet weekly to discuss all aspects of the Ministry and upcoming opportunities for service.
  9. Pray for Kelly Hargrove, our Director of Children’s Services, as she completes necessary paperwork for all our students as they return to school.
  10. Pray for Courtney, our Ministry cook, as he shops for our homes, stocks the central kitchen and prepares wonderful evening meals Monday through Friday. What a blessing for families who live on the Ministry campus.
  11. Pray for the boys in the House of Faith and their houseparents, Cliff and Kristine Young. The Youngs currently care for one preschooler, one first grader and five middle school boys.
  12. Pray for Jim and Kay Baker as they work together to represent Navajo Ministries in churches and other settings as opportunities arise.
  13. Tonight is our Back-To-School Prayer Meeting for all our students who begin a new school year tomorrow. We are grateful for your prayers and encouragement for our children.
  14. Happy birthday to ranch manager Paula Terpsma and resident volunteer Roger Kittle. We thank God for both of these valuable staff members and their spouses. Roger, and his wife Carol, also pastor at Fruitland Baptist Church.
  15. Another wonderful celebration – Rick and Paula Terpsma today complete 30 years of service at Navajo Ministries.   Houseparents, maintenance, resident nurse, caring for ranch animals hosting visitors/work teams and gardening – they continue to use their talents for the Lord.
  16. Pray for the guests from our community who will attend our Navajo Taco luncheon today to learn more about the ministry of Navajo Ministries and Four Corners Home for Children.
  17. Pray for Bob Fitz, projects manager, and his team of maintenance men – Rick and Andy. We are grateful for their servant hearts as they maintain the campus, buildings and vehicles.
  18. Today and tomorrow is our annual Bi-Fly Fishing Tournament on the San Juan River.   Funds are being raised by the anglers for Four Corners Home for Children. Pray for a safe and fun time on the river.
  19. Pray for our graphic designer Hannah Rodden as she prepares the Navajo Neighbors, brochures, flyers and letters that represent Navajo Ministries. Hannah also puts together short videos that can be seen on our Facebook pages.
  20. Pray for all our area pastors who are presenting the Word of God today in over 60 churches in our community. Pray for commitment, strength and Godly wisdom as they represent and share Christ.
  21. Pray for Vickie, Shayne, Hannah, Rolanda and Jeanette who serve in the office under the leadership of Kelly Karlin, our Director of Administration. These ladies process donations, send out receipt letters, pay the bills and keep the business end of the Ministry running smoothly.
  22. Happy birthday to Linda Eubank. Pray for Bill and Linda Eubank as they counsel with our children and provide training for our childcare staff. Pray for Linda’s mother who is currently experiencing poor health and receiving home health care.
  23. Happy birthday to Joe Begay who pastors at Grace Fellowship Church in Chinle, Arizona. Joe and Gerri have had a great summer of Bible school and sewing classes for the children and teens in their area, as well as teaching at some camp meetings.
  24. Praise God for the various volunteers who spent some time with us this summer helping in the children’s homes, doing work projects, teaching Vacation Bible School, sorting used clothing for our campus depot – the list is endless. We are grateful for each one.
  25. Happy birthday to one of the boys in our House of Faith. He has been with us for five months and is a great 12-year-old today.
  26. Pray for the various marriages represented by our staff. Pray for each marriage to reflect unconditional love, Godly commitment and be living testimonies for the Lord.
  27. Pray for pastors across the Navajo Nation who are sharing God’s Word today with those attending their churches. Pray for many people to come to Jesus and for others to grow in their relationship with Jesus.
  28. Pray for our assistant housemothers, Corie, Eleanor, Renae, Darcy and Marilann, as they serve in the homes and care for the children during the houseparents’ time off. Pray for healthy relationships with each of the children and physical strength to keep up with the busy households.
  29. Pray for Jackson Yazzie, hospital chaplain, as he serves the Navajo people who are patients at our local hospital. Jackson also speaks at churches across the Navajo Nation.
  30. Pray for Randall and Rolanda Jeffrey as Randall serves as Campus and Development Manager and Rolanda serves as Projects Assistant. We appreciate their roles in making all our special activities for the children, staff and community successful.
  31. Pray for Ms. Becca, housemother in the House of Hope, as she cares for our children who are placed on an emergency basis.

Ministry Highlight

Back To School

It was the first day of the new school year and a seasoned teacher was walking through the hallways of the middle school where he taught.  He saw a new teacher standing outside her classroom with her head leaning against a locker.  He heard the new teacher mutter, “How have you gotten yourself into this?”   Knowing she was assigned to a difficult class, the experienced teacher offered his moral support.  “Are you okay?”  he asked.  The new teacher lifted her head and replied, “I will be as soon as I get this kid out of his locker.”

Going back to school can be a stressful time for children and their teachers.  This is especially true of children who have suffered from neglect, abandonment and rejection.  They may not hide in a locker, but they do hide behind their insecurities, fears and heartaches.  Our team of houseparents, assistants and counselors do a wonderful job of helping our children step away from their emotional hiding places and enjoy the freedom of releasing their fears and growing in their loving, safe and trustworthy environments.  We appreciate your prayers for our children as they learn to celebrate new victories in their lives.

Kay Baker, Co-Director of Partnership Ministry


Prayer Focus For August


  • Praise God for the wonderful groups of young people who came this summer to teach VBS on the Navajo Nation.
  • Pray for Kelly Hargrove, Director of Children’s Services, as she coordinates and leads our childcare team.
  • Pray for our children as they go back to school this month.
  • Pray for our houseparents and their assistants as they nurture and care for the children on a daily basis.