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March 2018 Prayer Requests:

  1. Happy birthday to Jim Baker, President Emeritus, of Navajo Ministries. Pray for Jim to continue to experience good health and stamina as he and Kay continue to connect with our friends and donors who are so faithful to this Ministry.
  2. Praise God for local businesses that enjoy supporting Four Corners Home for Children. Recently, our local Chick-fil-A sponsored Cookies for a Cause, donating 25 cents for each cookie sold in the month of February to our children’s homes. They raised over $2,000. Praise the Lord!
  3. Please pray for rain/snow for our area. We have only received 30% of our needed moisture for this time of year. The snowfall in the mountains has been minimal also.
  4. Pray for the many pastors across the Navajo Nation who share God’s Word today to those who attend their church services. Pray for Godly knowledge and wisdom as they serve their people and for many to accept Christ as their Savior.
  5. Pray for our amazing office team assisting all our staff in various ways. Whether paying bills, sending receipts, doing graphic art work or various other tasks, Vickie, Shayne, Hannah, Jeanette and Rolanda cheerfully help us all.
  6. Pray for Cadie Hargrove as she heads up our After-School Program.       We thank God for her creativity and love for our children. Pray for the children to enjoy this time of learning.
  7. Pray for our Leadership Team that meets each Wednesday to discuss the ministry challenges and accomplishments within their area of responsibility.
  8. Pray for Navajo Ministries Board of Directors as they meet today.       Pray for Godly wisdom as they make decisions and explore new ways Navajo Ministries can be effective for God’s Kingdom.
  9. Pray for Ms. Nelene and all the girls she cares for in the House of Love. Pray for each girl to be aware of their value in Christ’s eyes and not waver from their relationship with Him as they face many peer pressures from the world.
  10. Happy birthday to 14-year-old Taylor who is currently in 8th grade.       Taylor has spent over 4 years with us and is an excellent student.
  11. Pray for Director of Administration Kelly Karlin as she maintains computer equipment, and supervises the accounting and office staff.
  12. Happy birthday to 9-year-old T. who has lived in the House of Love for the past 2 years. She is bubbly, talkative and loves playing outdoors on the swings.
  13. Pray for Eldon and Cassandra Mills who recently left the House of Faith as houseparents. While this position was not a good fit for them, we appreciate the time they spent with our boys. Pray for God to give them wisdom for their future and provide a new couple to serve in this home.
  14. Pray for Kelly Hargrove, our Director of Children’s Services, as she and her childcare team provide extra care and support in the House of Faith. Pray for God’s provision of interim assistants as they provide care and leaderships for the boys.
  15. Pray for our Ministry President Raymond Dunton as business leaders of the community come together today to welcome him to the community. We thank God for his leadership and we ask you to pray this reception time will be an encouragement and blessing to him.
  16. Pray for Randall Jeffrey as he brings fresh awareness to our community about the ministry and needs of Four Corners Home for Children.       Pray for his wife, Rolanda, as she works in the kitchen as Food Services Manager.
  17. Pray for our youngest child at Four Corners Home for Children – 4-month- old T – who sometimes suffers from acid reflux. He came to us at 3-weeks-old.
  18. Pray for Joe and Gerri Begay as they lead services today at Grace Fellowship Church in Chinle, Arizona. Pray for their health concerns and the surgeries that will soon take place.
  19. Today begins Spring Break week for our school kids. They are looking forward to some special activities with their houseparents and extra time to spend together with one another.
  20. Happy birthday to Bob Fitz, our Executive Operations Director.       Pray for wisdom and discernment for Bob as he assists leadership staff members in making important decisions for their departments.
  21. Praise God for Paula Terpsma working with our children in our Ranch Program. Pray for safety for the children as they spend extra time on the ranch this week during their spring break.
  22. This evening is our bi-monthly prayer time for staff to gather together to pray for the needs of the Ministry, staff and children.       Please pray with us.
  23. Pray for Andy Kellywood and Rick Terpsma as they respond and assist with all our maintenance needs.
  24. Pray for former Ministry child John Livingston who spent five years in the Marines and is now serving in the Army National Guard, stationed in Iraq. Pray for his safety and for his wife, Amy, as she remains at home.
  25. Pray for Roger and Carol Kittle as they pastor Fruitland Baptist Church in Fruitland, New Mexico. The Kittles also serve as resident volunteers at Navajo Ministries.
  26. Pray for our assistant housemothers, Corie, Eleanor, Marilann and Darcy as they care for the children during the houseparents’ time off each week.
  27. Pray for Bill and Linda Eubank as they begin their retirement on a full-time basis. Pray for their safety as they travel and for the counselor, Alisha Hawthorne-Martinez, who will be taking their place working with our children.
  28. Pray for our oldest teenager, Jennifer, who is in her senior year in high school. Jennifer turned 18 years old on March 20 and will be graduating from high school on May 17. Pray for God’s direction for her life as she pursues her college education.
  29. Pray for the various volunteers who provide extra activities for our children. Pray for the teachers, Sunday School workers and leaders who work with our children as they attend church weekly.
  30. Today is the Good Friday Prayer Breakfast for our community, hosted by Navajo Ministries. Pray for those attending to turn their hearts to the cross throughout this weekend.
  31. Happy birthday to General Manager of KNMI, Emmet Fowler. Pray for Emmet as he leads his staff to provide great Christian radio listening for the Four Corners region.

Ministry Highlight

The Gift of Love

Matthew 26: 13, “I tell you the truth, wherever this gospel is preached throughout the world, what she has done will also be told, in memory of her.”

Only days away from Jesus’ arrest and crucifixion, a woman came to Jesus bearing a gift of love.  She came unexpectedly, and certainly unwelcomed by those in attendance.  While others questioned her presence and criticized the gift she gave to Jesus, Jesus welcomed her and spoke highly of her sacrifice as she poured expensive perfume on His head while he reclined at the table.  Jesus saw her heart and acknowledged her love.

This month, as we approach Good Friday and Easter, let us consider what we can bring to Jesus as our gift of love.   Maybe it’s forgiveness of someone who has hurt us.  Maybe it’s spending more time with Him in prayer or reading His Word.  Maybe it is humbly telling Him we love Him and praising Him for who He is and what He has done in our lives.  Your gift may be misunderstood by man, but you can have full confidence that Jesus will accept your gift and draw close to you as you draw closer to Him.

Kay Baker

Co-Director of Partnership Ministry


Prayer Focus For March


  • Pray for Vertical Radio Pledge Drive April 18 – 20
  • Pray for our donors to continue to honor their pledges
  • Pray for favor with the community as KNMI solicits businesses for their support