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July 2017 Prayer Requests:

  1. Pray for President Eric Fisher as he leads our staff and the various ministries we provide. Pray for safety as he travels with his family for the next week on a well-deserved vacation.
  2. As a busy summer continues, pray for our Assistant Housemothers: Eleanor, Corie, Darcy, Renae, Marilann and Juliet. These ladies provide great care for our children when the houseparents are on their time off each week.
  3. Pray for two of our girls, Nadalie and Natalia, as they attend Cross Bar X Youth Camp this week.
  4. Today we celebrate our freedom through Christ and as a nation. Pray for Godly leadership from those who lead our nation and wisdom from the Lord as they make decisions that affect us all.
  5. Pray for the natural parents of the children in our care. Pray for them to enjoy their visits with their children and experience God’s love and acceptance through interaction with our staff.
  6. Pray for the children who have returned home this summer. Pray for their safety and for continued healing in their families.
  7. Pray for housemom, Nelene, and her nine girls in the House of Love as they spend lots of time together this summer. The girls love doing crafts together, swimming, baking and just hanging out together.
  8. Today we welcome our Vacation Bible School team from Vineyard Church of Knox County in Ohio. Pray for them as they do service projects and teach Bible School next week.
  9. Happy Birthday to Kristine Young, the housemother to nine boys in the House of Faith. Pray for Kristine and her husband Cliff during these busy summer days.
  10. Pray for Bill and Linda Eubank, counselors to our children at Four Corners Home for Children. Pray for each child to be receptive to wisdom and guidance given by Bill and Linda, and to learn skills that will help them in their future.
  11. Pray for Jim and Kay Baker as they provide assistance to our Development Team through the Partnership Ministry.
  12. Pray for the Navajo Nation President, Russell Begaye, and Vice-President Nez.
  13. Pray for our Navajo Ministries Board of Directors as they meet today to discuss the needs of Navajo Ministries and our vision for the future.
  14. Tomorrow is the annual Youth Fly Fishing Event, led by Bob Fitz and his team of volunteers. Pray for each youth to have a safe and pleasant experience fishing on the San Juan River.
  15. Happy Birthday to our Ministry cook, Courtney McCabe, who prepares the evening meal for all staff and children who live on the Ministry campus.
  16. Pray for Joe and Gerri Begay as they pastor at Grace Fellowship Church in Chinle, Arizona. Pray for safety as they travel many miles across the Navajo Nation to preach, teach and lead seminars on the family and marriage. Pray for good health and stamina as they serve.
  17. Pray for Rick and Paula Terpsma as they travel home today after five days of vacation. Pray for them to be refreshed and renewed as they return back to work.
  18. Pray for each person who visits Navajo Ministries this summer. Pray for them to have a fresh awareness of the ministry being done on a daily basis and to enjoy their interaction with our staff and children. Pray for their safety and protection as they travel.
  19. Pray for fellow missionaries Ben and Eunice Stoner as they lovingly serve the Navajo people through Bible studies, teaching the Navajo language and one-on-one discipleship.
  20. Pray for Emmet Fowler, KNMI Vertical Radio’s general manager, as he leads his staff and makes various decisions that keep Vertical Radio a vital outreach to our community.
  21. Pray for our maintenance team led by Projects Manager Bob Fitz. Pray for Rick and Andy as they work with Bob to keep our homes, offices and ministry campus looking great.
  22. Happy Birthday to Shayne Tsosie, Accounts Payable clerk, who has served faithfully for sixteen years. Pray for God’s blessing on her life as she continues to be a part of our office staff.
  23. Pray for the Vacation Bible School team that arrived yesterday from Concordia Lutheran Church in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. They will be teaching children in the Upper Fruitland area in the Navajo Nation.
  24. We thank God for the many friends who support the work being done at Navajo Ministries through prayers and financial gifts.   Pray for God’s blessing to be upon each person as they give sacrificially and pray for us.
  25. Pray for Pastor Jackson Yazzie as he leads our Tuesday morning devotions. Jackson serves as chaplain at our local hospital and shares God’s Word wherever he has opportunity. Pray for Jackson and his wife, Angie, to experience God’s provision and protection.
  26. Pray for Jennifer, Danielle and Hillary as they leave for Cross Bar X Youth Camp today. Pray for them to experience a fresh awareness of God’s love for them, as well as having a safe and fun time with their friends.
  27. Pray for our Director of Children’s Services, Kelly Hargrove, as she works with houseparents, children, social workers and natural family members of our children. Pray for God’s wisdom and discernment in the decisions she needs to make each day.
  28. Pray for Roger and Carol Kittle as they volunteer daily at Navajo Ministries. Pray for the small church they pastor, Fruitland Baptist Church, to continue to grow in number and in their influence among the people of their community.
  29. Pray for the many pastors across the Navajo Nation who will be sharing God’s Word today in the churches they serve. Pray for God’s protection over their families and faithfulness in their continued ministry among the Navajo people.
  30. Happy birthday to Randall Jeffrey, our Campus and Development Manager. Randall and his wife, Rolanda, enjoy interacting with the visitors, volunteers and work teams who come on our Ministry Campus. They are good representatives to our community, too, as they share the work being done.
  31. Happy 1st birthday to Isabella, a child in our House of Hope. Isabella came to us at 7 weeks old and continues to win the hearts of all those who meet her.

Ministry Highlight

Vacation Bible Schools

Many of us have memories of attending summer Bible Schools when we were children.  My siblings and I would attend three or four each summer, both at our home church and surrounding churches in our neighborhood.   It was here we learned more about Jesus, memorized Bible verses, made new friends and learned how to serve as we became older.  In later years, I came to realized how these experiences helped to shape my life and expand the foundation I was building my life upon.

For more than 40 years, Navajo Ministries has been providing Vacation Bible School experiences to hundreds of children across the Navajo Nation.  Youth groups and adults have come from all over our nation to be a part of teaching Navajo children about the love of Christ.  I have heard many adult Navajos share their memories of Anglos (white people) coming from far away to teach Bible School in their area when they were children.  For some, it was the first time they heard about Jesus.  For others, they reflect heartwarming stories of people who cared enough to come and share in their lives for a few days or weeks.  As new memories are made for children this summer, please pray for those who come to teach and share God’s love.  Pray for the children who attend to experience and grow in God’s love for them.

Kay Baker, Co-Director of Partnership Ministry


Prayer Focus For July


  • Pray for our VBS teams who come to serve this summer.
  • Pray for the children who attend to understand God’s love and sacrifice for them.
  • Pray for area churches to continue to build on the foundation the children receive through VBS.
  • Pray for the youth on the Navajo Nation to hear God’s Word and respond.