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May 2017 Prayer Requests:

31. Today is the last day of school for the 2016-17 school year. Praise God for all our children and the progress they have made the past 9 months. Pray for them to enjoy a safe and joy-filled summer.

June 2017 Prayer Requests:

  1. We celebrate Kelly Karlin, our Director of Administration, who begins her 16th year of full-time service at Navajo Ministries today. Kelly maintains our computer equipment and donor database, and supervises our accounting department and office staff.
  2. Summer vacation has begun and we ask you to pray for all of our children as they participate in various activities. Pray for their safety, spiritual growth and development and a fun-filled school break.
  3. Pray for our Childcare Team as they spend a busy summer with the children in their care. Pray for needed rest at the end of each day, good health and a great time of bonding with each child.
  4. We are so glad to have the House of Hope available again to care for emergency placement children. Housemother Becca is now caring for 4 children, ranging in ages from 10 months to 13 years old.
  5. Pray for the girls in the House of Love as they are camping four days with their housemother, Ms. Nelene, and assistant housemother Ms. Darcy in Alamogordo, New Mexico.   The girls will be visiting White Sands and other areas of interest during their stay. Please pray for their safety.
  6. Pray for Bill and Linda Eubank as they counsel with our children and with adults and children in our community. Linda often goes to court to speak on behalf of the children she works with, especially in divorce situations.
  7. Happy birthday to Kelly Hargrove, our Director of Children’s Services. Kelly is a wonderful advocate for our children and works well with their extended families and social workers who place the children in our care. Pray for her as she leads our childcare team to effectively care for our kids.
  8. Happy 13th birthday to Enoch Jeffrey, son of Randall and Rolanda Jeffrey. Randall and Rolanda will have a busy summer of hosting visitors, work teams and Vacation Bible School teams.
  9. Pray for 17 year old Jennifer who began a 20-day camping experience yesterday at Cross Bar X Youth Ranch. Jennifer will serve as a leader to the campers and gain training and leadership skills.
  10. Today we welcome a group of young people and adults from Hilton Head, South Carolina. They will be teaching Vacation Bible School at Riverside Bread of Life Church in Fruitland, New Mexico next week.
  11. Today we welcome Mary Falvey as a summer volunteer. Mary will spend three weeks with us, assisting in our children’s homes and helping in various other areas of ministry during her stay.
  12. We typically experience a downfall in our financial gifts over the summer. Please pray that our donors will be faithful in keeping up with their support and prayers for this Ministry.
  13. Tonight is McDonald’s Give Back night. We have a great relationship with the manager of our local McDonald’s, who provide a monthly meal to the children in our care. Tonight our older children and staff will be helping to work at the cash registers, taking and filling orders from 4 – 7 p.m. McDonald’s will be donating 15% of their sales that evening to Navajo Ministries.
  14. Pray for Vickie, Shayne, Hannah, Rolanda and Jeanette as they serve in our office and provide support to all of our staff. These ladies use their various skills to promote the Ministry and keep accurate records of donations, as well as send out receipts letters.
  15. Today is Pastors Prayer meeting for local pastors and church leadership. Twice a month they meet for prayer and fellowship at Navajo Ministries, encouraging one another and coordinating activities for the community.
  16. Pray for Cliff and Kristine Young, houseparents to the boys at Four Corners Home for Children. The boys really enjoy any type of outdoor activities, including the great hikes and day camping experiences with the Youngs.
  17. Pray for KNMI Vertical Radio as it reaches out to our community with positive Christian music. Pray for General Manager Emmet Fowler as he leads his team of broadcasters and praise God for the many sponsors who support KNMI.
  18. Tomorrow Zaylen celebrates his 6th birthday. Zaylen is the son of our cook, Courtney McCabe, and his wife, Becca, who is housemom to the children in the House of Hope. Pray for Zaylen as he shares his mom and dad with other children in the home.
  19. Today we send off 6 campers to Cross Bar X Youth Camp in Durango, Colorado. Please pray for each child to have a positive experience and increase their spiritual, physical and mental growth. We praise God for this wonderful Christian camp that services many low-income children.
  20. Happy Birthday to Michael Wiseman, Underwriting Associate for Vertical Radio. Michael does a great job of representing KNMI to our community and securing financial partnerships that keep the station on the air as a non-profit Christian station.
  21. Today we welcome a team of young people and adults from Disciple Mission Church, a Korean church in Denver, Colorado. They will be ministering in Shiprock, New Mexico this week and providing a Korean-style meal for our staff and children the end of this week.
  22. Please pray for the various marriages represented by our staff. Ministry can sometimes be hard on a marriage, due to long hours and countless interruptions from people in need. Pray for times of refreshment from Ministry and God’s provision of strength, discernment and wisdom.
  23. Pray for President Eric Fisher as he leads our staff and devotes his time to effectively lead the various areas of ministry through Navajo Nation Outreach, Four Corners Home for Children, KNMI Vertical Radio and the After-School Program.
  24. Pray for Bob, Rick and Andy as they serve together in maintenance. These men really keep our homes and ground looking great and work together to keep vehicles and equipment running well.
  25. Pray for the children here at Navajo Ministries who will enjoy Vacation Bible School this week, led by the youth group from The Oasis, a local church in Farmington.
  26. Today Connor, Sonny, Taylor and Bryne head off to Cross Bar X Camp for 5 days. Pray for them to grow in the Lord this week and enjoy the great outdoors.
  27. Pray for the new children who have recently come into our care, some for a few days, others for a longer period of time. Pray for them to feel safe and experience God’s love as the stay in our homes.
  28. Today Jennifer returns home from her leadership training at Cross Bar X Camp. Pray for God to open doors for her to put into practice the skills she learned these past weeks. Jennifer loves people and has a heart to serve.
  29. Pray for Rick (maintenance) and Paula Terpsma as they serve together. Paula does a great job with the Ranch Program, teaching the children to love and care for the various animals who live on the ranch.
  30. Pray for Roger and Carol Kittle who volunteer their time so faithfully to Navajo Ministries and serve at Fruitland Baptist Church. Pray for the church fellowship to grow under their teaching and develop hearts of service to their community.

Ministry Highlight


KNMI Vertical Radio recently held their Pledge Drive – an annual two-day fundraiser that raises friends and donors to support the ministry that faithfully goes out over the airwaves every day. This is the time we hear from many donors who call to renew their pledges each year, as well as new friends who join in partnership with the station for the first time.

Here are just a couple comments we received during Pledge Drive:  Andrea writes “love, love, love all of you!! Thank you for making my day, every day.”  Delores said, “I listen to your station day and night. I enjoy the music.  It’s very uplifting and comforting.  Keep up the outreach, it’s working.”

We receive comments like this every day and we thank the Lord He has allowed us to be a part of spreading hope and encouragement to our listeners.  If you would like to be a part of this important ministry, you can go on line at and pray for our Vertical Radio staff.

Kay Baker, Co-Director of Partnership Ministry


Prayer Focus For June


  • Pray for General Manager Emmet Fowler as he leads his staff at Vertical Radio.
  • Pray for positive community awareness of the station and generous listener support.
  • Pray for the upcoming Connie Mack World Series in August. The games are broadcast live through Vertical Radio.
  • Pray for listeners to be encouraged and find hope in Jesus as they listen to the station.