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December 2017 Prayer Requests:

28. Pray for those who are considering sending year-end gifts to Navajo Ministries and the various ministries represented by Navajo Ministries. We are dependent upon the support we receive financially from individuals, businesses, churches, etc.

29. Pray for Paula Terpsma as she works with our kids on the ranch.       Pray for the children to learn the value of caring for the animals, working together and being responsible for the chores involved in the Ranch Program.

30. Pray for Randall and Rolanda Jeffrey as they make people aware of the ministry at Four Corners Home for Children, creating avenues for new people to become involved in helping with the growing needs of the Ministry.

31. Thank God for His direction, provision and blessings throughout this year. Pray for each of us at Navajo Ministries to be faithful to His call on our lives in the new year, serving Him with love and excellence.

January 2018 Prayer Requests:

  1. Happy New Year! We celebrate the beginning of a new year of ministry and the birthday of Rick Terpsma. Rick has served faithfully with his wife Paula for over 30 years at Navajo Ministries.
  2. Pray for our office staff, Vickie, Shayne, Hannah, Rolanda, Kelly and Jeanette, as they return from Christmas break today.
  3. Our new president, Raymond Dunton, joined our staff full-time on December 18, 2017. Pray for him as he leads us in new areas of ministry in 2018.
  4. Today is Pastors’ Prayer for our area pastors. Pray for them to be unified in their outreach to our community as they serve in the churches were God has placed them.
  5. Pray for our newest houseparents, Eldon and Cassandra Mills, serving in the House of Faith. Pray for them to adjust to their new call and bond well with the boys in their care.
  6. Pray for the people of our community who are without jobs and/or homes. Many are living on the streets during this very cold winter. Pray for them to receive the help they need in setting goals for a safe and fruitful future.
  7. Pray for the pastors across the Navajo Nation who are presenting God’s Word in churches this morning. Pray for encouragement for these pastors as they often serve in remote areas and have little fellowship with others who are serving Christ as pastors.
  8. Today our students return to school after their Christmas break.       Pray for their safety and peace in their hearts and a desire to do their best in the months ahead.
  9. Pray for our assistant housemothers, Corie, Eleanor, Darcy and Marilann as they care for the children during the houseparents time off.       Pray especially for Eleanor who fell before Christmas and is recuperating from hip surgery. Pray for a complete recovery.
  10. Pray for the girls in the House of Love and their housemom, Nelene Kellogg. We thank God for the unity in this home and the friendship the girls have with one another.
  11. Pray for our Board of Directors as they meet today to discuss the avenues of service Navajo Ministries will provide in this new year.
  12. Pray for Emmet Fowler, General Manager for KNMI Vertical Radio, and his office staff, Jeanette, Michael, Leah and Devin. Pray for wisdom and direction for them as they share positive Christian music to the Four Corners region again this year.
  13. Pray for Jim and Kay Baker as they work together to partner with our community, donors and friends to further the work of Navajo Ministries and Four Corners Home for Children.
  14. Pray for Roger and Carol Kittle as they pastor at Fruitland Baptist Church each Sunday. We praise God for this couple who volunteer their time at Navajo Ministries so faithfully.
  15. Pray for our students as they attend our After-School Program, giving them assistance with homework and providing learning opportunities and fellowship.
  16. Pray for our Director of Children’s Services, Kelly Hargrove, as she leads the childcare team in providing training, encouragement and structure – allowing us to provide quality care to our kids.
  17. Pray for Randall and Rolanda Jeffrey as they serve together in various areas of the ministry. They often work behind the scenes to make each activity and event successful, visitors welcomed and insure safety on our campus.
  18. Today our area pastors will attend a reception to meet our new president Raymond Dunton. Pray for each pastor to hear Raymond’s heart for servanthood and catch his vision of ministry for Navajo Ministries and its various areas of ministry.
  19. Pray for Bob Fitz, Executive Director of Operations, who assists all department heads in maintaining concise and accurate files, reports, and accounting necessary for the overall operation of Navajo Ministries.
  20. Pray for the former children (many now adults) who spent some of their childhood at Four Corners Home for Children in the past 60+ years. Pray for each one to know Christ and trust Him for their salvation. Pray for them to be faithful in teaching their children and grandchildren. Today we celebrate Raymond Dunton’s birthday.
  21. Today is a community event for prayer and worship as God’s people gather at our local community college to attend Prayer Over San Juan County. We ask you to join in prayer for our county, schools, churches and residents.
  22. Pray for Russell Begaye, president of the Navajo Nation, as he leads his council in providing leadership to the Navajo tribe, making policies that will benefit their members, providing help to the elderly and children and address the many needs of their people.
  23. Pray for Jackson Yazzie, who leads our devotions on Tuesday mornings. Jackson is a chaplain at our local hospital and preaches in churches across the Navajo Nation as opportunities arise.
  24. Pray for new children coming into our children’s homes.       Pray for them to feel safe and protected as they adjust to their new home. Pray for their adjustment to go well as they settle in and get to know the staff and children.
  25. Tonight our Prayer Connection group meets to pray for the needs of this Ministry and the individuals and children who work and live at Navajo Ministries. We appreciate so much your prayers for us on a daily basis.
  26. Pray for the various marriages that are represented by our staff. Pray for each couple to reflect Christ’s love in their relationship and to be examples of Godly marriages to those they come in contact with throughout this year.
  27. Pray for Joe and Gerri Begay as they prepare for ministry tomorrow at Grace Fellowship in Chinle, Arizona.   Pray for their parishioners to be faithful in sharing the love of Christ in their area.
  28. Pray for our community pastors as they preach and teach in over 60 churches in the Farmington, Bloomfield and Aztec area.   Pray for spiritual growth in our communities.
  29. Pray for Paula Terpsma as she works with our children on the ranch.       Pray for safety for each child and to benefit from caring for the animals and receive comfort and love from the animals they care for each day.
  30. Pray for each child currently living at Four Corners Home for Children to experience God’s love and protection. Pray for them to grow in wisdom and stature and in favor with God and their fellow man.
  31. Pray for the natural parents of our children to receive Christ into their lives and set goals for themselves that will enable them to be the parents God wants them to be to their children.

Ministry Highlight


December 7, 2017 was a reminder for our community that evil is present in this world we live in each day.  I Peter 5:8 tells us our enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour.

In the small community of Aztec, New Mexico (just 10 miles from Farmington), evil stepped into Aztec High School.  A 21 year old man walked onto the campus and into the high school and hid out in the boys’ restroom until classes began.  Within minutes of the start of school that day, two students were killed by the gunman.  Teachers immediately locked their classrooms.  First responders entered the school within a minute of the 911 call and the gunman was found dead by suicide.

Our children lost more innocence that day as coverage of another school shooting stepped out of the news networks and became their reality.  We as adults can only imagine the fear, anxiety and stress the children of Aztec, Bloomfield and Farmington communities experience as they step into their classrooms.  Their place of education has become a place of endurance as they cope with the various emotions they experience as a result of this trauma.

As Jesus was preparing his disciples for His departure from this world, He warned them they would experience tribulations, troubles and grief.  But in the middle of His warnings, Jesus gave this promise – “Be of good cheer. I have overcome this world.”   What encouraging words these are as we live in difficult, and often painful times.

Kay Baker

Co-Director of Partnership Ministry


Prayer Focus For January

As our prayer partners, we ask you to pray for the families of these two high school victims: Casey Jordan Marquez, a cheerleader in her senior year of school, and Francisco “Paco” Fernandez, a junior classman.  Both of these teens have left many, many grieving family members and friends.

  1. Pray for their families and friends to know the love, comfort and healing that only Jesus can provide.
  2. Pray for the Christian students in our community to be comforted and be assured that God will overcome this world of darkness in His perfect time.
  3. Praise God for the quick action of the police, first responders, teachers, staff and students that prevented more casualties.
  4. Help our community students to love one another and become more sensitive to the needs of those around them. Pray for God to bring good out of this awful event.