October 2020 Prayer Requests

  1. Praise God for a new month to serve Him and care for the children He has placed in our care. Pray for our current children to have success in school as they study online.  Pray for them to experience joy as they continue to grow in the Lord.
  2. Pray for Paula Terpsma as she works with the children in our Ranch Program. Pray for each child as they learn responsibility in caring for the animals. For many of our past children, the ranch has been one of their favorite activities.
  3. Pray for Rick Terpsma and Andy Kellywood as they serve in our maintenance department and keep our homes and Ministry grounds well cared for and updated. Pray for physical strength and renewal on their weekends when they are on their time off.
  4. Pray for Devin Neeley as he oversees KNMI Vertical Radio, keeps up with necessary reports and paperwork, and maintains equipment.
  5. Pray for the former children of Four Corners Home for Children as they are now furthering their education, pursuing their careers and raising their families. Pray for them to experience continual growth in their relationship with the Lord.
  6. Pray for Hope Humbles as she supervises our childcare team and maintains the records on each of our children. The House of Hope will begin taking in emergency placement children this month and Hope will also be working with the social workers bringing these children into our care.
  7. Pray for our Education Assistant, Sara Bennett, as she supervises our on-site classroom, as well as homeschooling several of our children. We are grateful to be able to provide a variety of learning instruction for our children to meet their individual needs.
  8. Pray for our Prayer Connection group who will meet tonight to pray for the needs of Navajo Ministries, our board, staff and children.
  9. Pray for Steven and Sarah Murphy who serve as houseparents in the House of Faith and for the children in their care. Pray for wisdom, discernment and physical strength from the Lord as they meet the challenges of a busy family.
  10. We give thanks for each friend and donor who supports Navajo Ministries through their prayers and financial support. Pray for the needs of each person who is trusting God for physical healing, salvation of lost loved ones, comfort for the grief they are experiencing and victory over sin.
  11. Pray for the pastors across the Navajo Nation who share God’s Word today with their church families. Pray for hope and encouragement to penetrate the hearts of those who are experiencing depression and turmoil in their lives.  Pray for revival.
  12. Pray for President Jonathan Nez and Vice-President Myron Lizer as they serve the Navajo Nation. Pray for Godly wisdom as they make decisions that help protect many during the Covid pandemic that has been severe in the Navajo Nation.
  13. Pray for our Vice President, Bob Fitz, as he oversees the Ministry campus, supervises work projects and manages financial needs of the Ministry.
  14. Pray for each new child coming into the House of Hope to receive love, nurturing and security that will bring healing into their lives.
  15. Pray for our Navajo Ministries staff as we face spiritual battles and trust in the Lord for His wisdom and direction. Pray for God’s love to permeate our lives and Ministry to be a light in our community.
  16. Pray for Navajo Ministries Board of Directors as they meet today to discuss the opportunities and challenges facing the Ministry. Pray for God’s wisdom to be made clear in any decisions they need to make.
  17. Pray for God to bring us His chosen couple to come and serve as houseparents in the House of Love. We look forward to being able to open this house again, allowing us to care for 8 – 10 additional children.
  18. Pray for the pastors across our community who are sharing God’s Word today. Pray for unity among our churches, protection of our pastors and their families, and an outpouring of God’s grace as we face uncertain days.
  19. Pray for those who counsel our children and help to provide direction for their lives. More than ever, our children need to know God’s plan for their lives and how to walk in that plan.  Pray for God’s wisdom to be given through the words shared with the children through their counselors, youth pastors, and others who provide support in their lives.
  20. Pray for Judy Anglin and Janice Davis as they provide care for our children during our houseparents’ time off. Pray for safety as they provide transportation to our children for appointments and youth activities.
  21. Pray for Vickie Franklin and Jeanette Fercik as they serve in our office and communicate with friends, donors and community businesses.
  22. Pray for those in our nation who are still struggling physically with the coronavirus and for those suffering with depression and anxiety due to isolation. Pray for our upcoming presidential election and for peace throughout our nation.
  23. Pray for Kelly Karlin, Office Manager, as she maintains records, creates reports and assists our staff with many of our computer problems. Pray for Kelly to experience good health and receive rest and refreshment on her time off.
  24. Pray for Roger and Carol Kittle as they are traveling and sharing the work of Navajo Ministries in their homeland, and visiting friends and family. Pray for their safety and divine appointments as they meet with people and share in church groups.
  25. Pray for Joe and Gerri Begay as they pastor at Grace Fellowship in Chinle, Arizona. Pray for their church family that is meeting on a limited basis.  Pray for all their needs to be met through Christ Jesus.
  26. Pray for Graphic Artist Hannah Begay as she begins her 13th year of service tomorrow at Navajo Ministries. Hannah and her husband, Jered, are expecting their first child.  Please pray for Hannah to remain healthy during her pregnancy and to deliver a healthy baby.
  27. Happy anniversary to Chuck and Annette Reich. We thank God for this special couple who God  brought back to Navajo Ministries for Annette to serve as our President.  Pray for them to enjoy many more happy years together as they serve Christ.
  28. Pray for all the marriages represented by the staff of Navajo Ministries. Ask the Lord to protect each couple and bless their families with love, unity and peace.
  29. Pray for Jim and Kay Baker as they continue to connect with Ministry donors and friends. Pray for Kay and Paula Terpsma as they pack and prepare for our annual Christmas Connections.
  30. Pray for the many families that will be reached this December through our Christmas Connection visits. Pray for Gerri Begay as she lines up the pastors who will be distributing items to families in need.  Pray for open hearts to receive the Gospel as it is shared during the Christmas visits.
  31. Praise God for each friend who has provided needed funds for this past month’s ministry to the Navajo people. Thank God for those who pray for us regularly and offer their words of encouragement.  We, as a staff, are so grateful.

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Ministry Highlights and Prayer Focus

We always give thanks for those who pray for and support our Navajo Nation Outreach.  Joe and Gerri Begay continue to minister God’s Word and love through Grace Fellowship Church and other opportunities God places in front of them.  September 18 – 26 churches in the Navajo Nation were invited to participate in Navajo Nation Days of Prayer.  Individual churches met at 7 p.m. each evening to pray for spiritual awakening, repentance, humility, forgiveness and preservation of our nation.

Pastor Joe is slowing down due to his battle with Parkinson’s disease.  His doctor reports the cancer on his one kidney is stable, for which we give thanks.  Gerri continues to serve the church family in various capacities and will be helping to line up the pastors who will be distributing items to needy families across the Navajo Nation in December.

If you would like to share in our Christmas Connection visits, we are glad to receive donations of health supplies such as lotions, hair products, Band-aids, toothbrushes and toothpaste, soap, etc.  New socks and underwear for children are welcomed, as well as household items such as tea towels, dish cloths, hot pads, etc.  Children’s toys, card games, coloring books and school supplies are also welcome. All items should be sent to us by December 10th.   Of course financial gifts can be sent to help with purchasing blankets, food and other items.  Thank you for your prayers for Joe and Gerri and the ministry they provide to the Navajo Nation.

Annette Reich, President

Prayer Focus For October

Navajo Nation Outreach

  • Pray for Joe and Gerri Begay to have good health as they continue to minister to the Navajo people.
  • Pray for those who hear the plan of salvation through Joe and Gerri’s ministry to become faithful followers  of Christ.
  • Pray for those who have suffered the loss of family due to the virus. The death toll across the Navajo Nation is 500 lives, as a result of  over 10,000 cases.
  • Praise God the Navajo Nation Department of Health shows the number of cases is decreasing.


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