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 April 2017 Prayer Requests:

28. Pray for our assistant housemoms who care for the children during the houseparents’ time off. Pray for Caitlin, Corie, Juliet and Darcy as they keep up with toddlers through teenagers, keeping the children safe and well cared for while they are in the homes.

29. Pray for each child who currently calls Four Corners Home for Children their ‘home.’ Pray for each child to be influenced by the love of Christ, to have a hunger to learn more about Him, and be faithful in developing their relationship with Jesus that will carry them through their lifetime.

30. Pray for the marriages and other relationships represented by our staff. Pray for these relationships to be filled with love and integrity, reflections of Christian maturity and reflections of Christ’s love for His people.

May 2017 Prayer Requests:

  1. In recent weeks, we have taken in several new children into the Four Corners Home for Children. Please pray for the children to feel safe and make a smooth transition into their new homes.
  2. Pray for Bill and Linda Eubank as they counsel with our children and with adults and children from our community. Pray for Linda’s mother who is recovering from a recent fall.
  3. Pray for our leadership team as they meet weekly to discuss the various areas of ministry and seek God’s wisdom in plans and decisions that need to be made.
  4. Today is the National Day of Prayer. Praise God we live in a country which sets a day aside to acknowledge our need for Christ and His leadership and direction for our country.
  5. Pray for good longevity of our radio equipment, buildings, office equipment, etc. We need to replace a roof and update some radio equipment, which is always costly.
  6. Happy Anniversary to Rick and Paula Terpsma. Pray for safety and good health as Paula works with the animals on the ranch and Rick continues with his maintenance responsibilities.
  7. Pray for Joe and Gerri Begay as they serve as pastors at Grace Fellowship in Chinle, Arizona. Pray for those who attend this church and reach out to the community of Chinle.
  8. Happy Anniversary to Tim and Kelly Hargrove. Kelly does a great job as our Director of Children’s Services as she works with childcare staff, natural parents and social workers.
  9. Pray for our teenage children who face many difficult pressures each day from their peers. Pray for them to make positive decisions and be courageous in their faith.
  10. Tomorrow will be a Navajo Ministries Board meeting. Pray for wisdom and Godly direction as they meet and discuss the various areas of ministry.
  11. Pray for the 8 girls in our House of Love, cared for by their housemom, Nelene. Pray for Brittany, who turns 11 today.
  12. Pray for the many homeless and jobless people in our community who struggle on a daily basis.
  13. Pray for the needs of our many friends and donors who seek God’s intervention in their personal struggles. We receive many prayer requests for family and friends who need salvation, physical and mental healing, financial miracles, etc.
  14. Happy Mother’s Day! Please offer a special prayer of thanksgiving for our faithful housemothers, Nelene, Kristine and Becca, and for our assistant housemothers, Marilann, Caitlin, Darcy, Corey and Juliet.
  15. Pray for the natural parents of the children who live in our homes. Pray for them to learn of Christ’s love for them and strength to make the changes that enable them to care for their children.
  16. Pray for the staff of Vertical Radio as they daily reach out to our community through the airwaves. Pray for Emmet Fowler, General Manager, as he leads his staff. Happy birthday (tomorrow) to Jeanette Fercik, KNMI’s administrative assistant.
  17. Pray for the guests who will attend our Navajo Taco Luncheon today to learn more about the programs offered through Navajo Ministries. Pray for friends to get involved and support the Ministry with their prayers and financial gifts.
  18. Pray for the Prayer Connection group that meets twice a month to pray for the staff, children and needs of Navajo Ministries. We are grateful for this group of staff members who pray together faithfully.
  19. Pray for Jim and Kay Baker, co-directors of Partnership Ministries, as they reach out to friends and donors who are vital to the work of Navajo Ministries. We are grateful for all of you!
  20. Pray for the hundreds of adults who at one time spent some of their childhood in our children’s homes. One of these former children will bring a Vacation Bible School team from Illinois this summer. Pray for each one to experience and know Christ’s love in their lives.
  21. Pray for the pastors who will be sharing God’s Word today in the many churches across the Navajo Nation. Pray for them to be encouraged in their ministry as they serve God in their communities.
  22. Pray for the boys living in the House of Faith, cared for by houseparents Cliff and Kristine Young. It’s a joy to see these young boys thriving under the care they are receiving each day.
  23. Pray for Projects Manager Bob Fitz, who is recovering well from hip replacement surgery. It’s great to have him back to work, serving with our maintenance team, Rick and Andy.
  24. Pray for our wonderful office ladies, Vickie, Shayne, Hannah and Jeanette, as they provide assistance to our entire staff under the leadership of Kelly Karlin, our Director of Administration.
  25. Pray for Ministry volunteers, Roger and Carol Kittle, who provide assistance in so many areas of service at Navajo Ministries. Pray for Fruitland Baptist Church, pastored by Roger and Carol, as they fellowship together and bring God’s presence into their community.
  26. Pray for the adults and young people who are now preparing to share God’s love through Vacation Bible Schools in the Navajo Nation during June and July.
  27. Pray for Randall, Campus Development Manager, and his wife, Rolanda, our Projects Assistant, as they coordinate campus activities and events, and provide support to all areas of the Ministry.
  28. Happy anniversary to our President, Eric Fisher and his wife, Terri. We thank God for Eric’s leadership and the Godly example he sets for all our staff and children.
  29. Happy Memorial Day! Please remember all our service personnel, those who served in the past and are serving today. Praise God for their dedication and sacrifice to protect our country and keep each one of us safe.
  30. Pray for Courtney, our cook, and his wife, Becca, housemom in the House of Hope. Pray for the children in their care, as well as their own two children, Zaylen and Ellie Grace.
  31. Today is the last day of school for the 2016-17 school year. Praise God for all our children and the progress they have made the past 9 months. Pray for them to enjoy a safe and joy-filled summer.

Ministry Highlight

Our Amazing Kids

It’s been a busy school year for our kids and we are so proud of the wonderful progress they have all made.  Several of our middle and high school students completed the school year on the honor roll.  They worked so hard and their grades reflect their efforts.  Two of our boys were able to go to Albuquerque, New Mexico for a Math Counts state competition, helping their school take sixth place out of fifteen schools.   Some of the children enjoyed participating in band and choir at school, as well as taking piano lessons at home.  Children are truly a gift from God, they are His reward. (Psalm  127:3) We are so grateful for each “gift” that lives at Four Corners Home for Children.  Thank you for your prayerful support for them over this past school year.

Kay Baker, Co-Director of Partnership Ministry


Prayer Focus For May


  • Pray for our entire childcare team as they begin a very busy summer schedule.
  • Pray for our children to have a safe and productive summer as they attend camps and participate in various other activities.
  • Pray for the spiritual growth of each child in our homes.
  • Pray for good physical, spiritual, emotional and mental health of our faithful houseparents.